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Baby Steals is a Daily “Steals” Site that feature a different “Baby Product” Company 2 times a day! If you sign up for their newsletter you will get an email everyday telling you what their steals are.

Today’s Steal is super cute and I’m still indecisive on what to get for my little one:

baby steals lubies Baby   Lubies


Lubies are safe, adorable, huggable, and toss-able ball-shaped pals for little ones of all ages. How cute are they? I would buy either the Cow, Lion or Puppy but they are sold Out {They sell out quick}.

I’m now between these two:

monkey plush 300x298 Baby   Lubies

giraffe plush 295x300 Baby   Lubies

What do you think? Hurry and go check out and Get your Lubies!

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