Shop Cookies Kids Brand Names at discount prices! Clearance items are awesome!!

Cookies Kids has some of the most popular name brand clothing but at discount prices! When I shop I go straight to the clearance section because I have a very low price point for clothing. There are times when I see something I really love and will pay a little more, but most clothing items for anyone in my house I don’t spend over $10.00! Not everything is brand name, but as long as the quality is there it comes home with me.

I like this web site because you can narrow your search down to only the items you want. For example Clearance, Boys, Sizes 8-20, price under $9.99 and then view all. This way your not sifting through hundreds of items and getting over whelmed.

Also if you spend $30.00 or more you can get a FREE 1-year subscription to Parenting Magazine!

Enter coupon code JEANSBOGO at checkout and get 25% off your second pair of jeans!

Here are a few items I found today.

Boys Ignition Smoldering jeans size 8-18 $6.99

Levis First Look T-shirt size 12m to 24m $6.99

Chilipop blazeresque belted tunic sizes 4 to 6x $6.99

This link will take you to the Home Page URL just click on clearance and then select your desired price point, gender and sizes.

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