Jill’s Running Adventures – Week 2 (We Won!)

If you remember, last week I was was running Cache-Teton Epic Relay, covering over 200+ miles with 11 other women. Words cannot describe how much fun we had! Lack of sleep and exhausting exercise creates some hysterical moments. It will definitely be a race I will always remember, not only because of the memories, but also because WE WON!

Ok, so we didn’t really “win win,” but we did win an award: The Team Safety award! Hurray! I suppose it is because I let race management know that I followed the safety rules and hopped in my van for a couple miles when I was running during a lightning storm and being pelted in the back of the head by raindrops so big they felt like hail. Our reward? $125 off an Epic Relay next year! And yes, that $125 will be used! If you want to be on our team, leave a comment!

Two of my van-mates and I after we had finished all three of our legs.

After the race on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, I slept 11 hours EACH NIGHT trying to recover from the race. Plus I napped on Sunday and Tuesday afternoon! I’m finally feeling normal again, but I couldn’t make it to the gym on Monday morning, didn’t do any form of exercise on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I was super sluggish at the gym. Yesterday I managed to do a tempo run and maintain 9 minute miles, and today at the gym was much better.

Tomorrow I’m planning a group run with my friends for early in the morning. We’ll be running 6-8 miles, our last long run in preparation for the Top of Utah 1/2 Marathon, which most of us will be running next Saturday!



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