Flirty Apron …. Bibs??? New Product + 30% off code

Do you love Flirty Aprons as much as I do?  I really like them a lot – so I may be tough to beat – but I think I just decided I love them even a bit more with this new line they just rolled out.  Now you can grab a Flirty Apron BIB! Did you order the Groupon they recently offered? Now would be the perfect time to use it if you haven’t already.

Bibs start at $12.95 – $9.06 after the 30% off code.

If you are looking for a Flirty Apron – you can also use code apronsshop20 for 20% off until 9/30.

**I have been assured by Flirty Aprons that the 30% off code on the bibs will only be working for today, Wednesday.

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