Are Freebies Worth Your Time? See What I Think!

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We post a lot of FREEBIES at Utah Sweet Savings. Some of you click away, eager to snatch up anything that is free, but other readers feel like it’s a waste of time. Well, I think it’s totally worth it. Look what I got in my mail box just today! FOUR FREEBIES!

Companies want to share their products with you because they think their products are amazing. Take advantage of those offers, and you’ll soon have a cupboard full of samples!

I like to put my samples of beauty and hygiene items, like shampoo and deodorant, for example, in a basket and leave it in the bathroom when guests come. If they forgot to bring something, they don’t need to feel awkward or embarrassed to ask to borrow mine, since I obviously have some to share with them. They also make great items for gift baskets or care packages.

Go here to see what freebies we have currently found available!

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