BreathRx for bad breath – Starter kit 50% off – $10

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If you use this link to get to the site, it will generate a coupon code for you, worth $10 off your $20 starter kit. Comes with purifying toothpaste, tongue scraper and anti-bacterial mouth rinse.

Info from the website:

Unlike most bad-breath treatments, BreathRx knocks out bad breath by going straight to its source. Our revolutionary system is designed to treat both the symptoms of bad breath and its causes in three effective steps.By harnessing the potent power of Zytex — our own special blend of anti-bacterial and odor-neutralizing ingredients — the BreathRx system is clinicaly proven to give you fresher breath all day long. Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Brush
Our purifying toothpaste starts you out on a fresh note. Combining Zytex with advanced whitening power and flouride in a cool blue gel.
Step 2: Scrape
Our tongue scraper and spray get bacteria out of their groove, clearing food particles and odor-causing critters from the nooks and crannies of your tongue — public enemy number one for bad breath.
Step 1: Rinse
Our anti-bacterial mouth rinse provides finishing power, sweeping away any left over bacteria or food and giving you a minty clean feeling that lasts throughout the day. It’s even clinically proven to improve your breath over time!
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