Christmas is Coming Early Giveaway #2: Where We Shop

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It’s day two of our Awesome Christmas is Coming Early Giveaways!  Today we thought we would focus on some of our favorite crafty sites.  We love to support handmade crafters.  They have such talent.  More than I will EVER have.  And their stuff is amazing!  Thankfully, all these amazing companies wanted to share their products with you too!


Remember, this is how it works, each day their will be two winners.  A first place winner and a second place winner.  Each winner will win the ENTIRE prize package listed!  Yep!  When you win with this giveaway, you win HUGE!!!  This giveaway will run for one week and end on Tuesday night at 10pm (MST).  The winners will be announced next Wednesday!

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Just check out what you will win today!


For the first place winner:


For the second place winner:

Awesome, right!!!  So, how do you enter this amazing giveaway?  First, you need to like all of the hosts on Facebook.  We have made it REALLY easy.  Just click all the “like” buttons right here!

GREAT!  Now that you have done that, answer this question in the comments below: “What kinds of things do you like to buy handmade?”

Once you have commented, you can enter via the rafflecopter below.  There are more ways to enter.  Do as many as you can to increase your chances of winning.  Make sure to come back tomorrow for another amazing giveaway.

{Make sure you fulfill all the requirements for each entry.  Entries will be verified and you will forfeit your winnings if not completed correctly}

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  1. I like to buy my jewelry homemade.

  2. I like to buy homemade crafts, it makes me appear to be crafty 🙂

  3. I like to buy handmade jewelry and knitted things like scarves, hats and Christmas stockings.

  4. Jennifer Graves says:

    I love handmade hats and watch bands and blankets

  5. Ashli Crookston says:

    Accessories for girls! 🙂

  6. I buy homemade house decor

  7. I love buying hats and decorations. I think they are always cuter then ones that are all made to look the same in a factory.

  8. I love handmade everything. My camera bag is handmade and my wallet is. I love handmade jewelry too!

  9. Gennie Palmer says:

    I love to buy homemade hair accessories for my girl.

  10. I love handmade quilts. it’s definitely something that I cannot do on my own!

  11. everything

  12. I like to buy handmade hats

  13. Emily Smith says:

    I buys some crafts and jewelry homemade!

  14. Briann neeley says:

    Hair accessories

  15. I love to buy anything knitted or crocheted…especially hats and sweaters!

  16. I love handmade jewelry, hair accesories and things for my kids.

  17. I love to buy handmade knickknacks. I love me!

  18. Cards and baby blankets!

  19. Aimee Jongejan says:

    I love handmade decor and repurposed furniture!

  20. Tracy Hadfield says:

    Cute stuff handmade is great to buy!

  21. I love homemade jewelry, ESPECIALLY THe R House stuffs 🙂

  22. Pretty much anything and everything!

  23. CHristine JEnsen says:

    I like to buy handmade jewelry

  24. I love handmade blankets – most of the blankets I own are handmade.

  25. Kami Alger says:

    I love homemade jewelry

  26. I would love this for Christmas!

  27. Since I don’t know how to sew, I like to buy things that are sewn, crocheted, etc. Last thing I bought on Etsy was a beautiful ruffled pillow cover 🙂

  28. I love homemade quilts with minky!

  29. I love handmade scarves and headbands!

  30. Sara Schildmeyer says:

    I like to buy jewelry and sewn items (like quilts or plushies) that are handmade/homemade.

  31. I like to buy jewerly and home decor.

  32. JaKell Meckley says:

    lil girls dresses and bows

  33. I love handmade earrings

  34. Leah Romero says:

    I like to buy handmade jewelry. It’s unique

  35. I like to be homemade/handmade food. Like honey or jam. I’ve gotten some excellent products tried and loved that way. Its fun to add new favorites to the mix

  36. Robyn Alexander says:

    I like to buy jewelry and home decor handmade. 🙂

  37. Stephanie Shultz says:

    I like to buy things that catch my attention. I also like to make my own.

  38. I like to buy jewelry and hair accessories handmade.

  39. brionna moore says:

    i like buying art or crafts that someone else has created.

  40. I love home made crafts.

  41. Cherokie Davis says:

    I like handmade hats, scarves, gloves & ornaments.

  42. I like handmade jewelry or paintings.

  43. I love to buy anything crocheted because I cannot do it myself! 🙂

  44. kelly stoddart says:

    hair bows!!!!


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