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When I was doing surveys to earn a little extra money from home a few years back I would sign up for every survey panel I could – I had a separate email just for surveys so that I could check them all together. You will probably only earn a few dollars at a time, but if you have lots of different companies you are working with, you will almost always have a survey to do if you want to. If you decide to take a break from it for a while, and you have an email just for surveys, you won’t continue to get offers when you don’t want to, but you won’t have to unsubscribe either and you’ll be ready to go back to it when you want.

Keep in mind that each survey website is looking for a specific point of view – so you may find survey sites that you qualify for lots of surveys on and others very little.  This will really vary by each person, so a good idea if you are really trying to make some money off of surveys is to sign up for as many companies as you can.  It shouldn’t take too long to see which companies have more surveys for you than others.

This is an easy way to earn a little extra cash – there are lots of different survey sites out there.  Here are a few that have openings right now and what incentives they offer:

Synovate – I personally love this one – you will get paid cash for surveys (points that you can cash in every time you get $5.)  Besides the points that you can cash in, they will send you full sized products to review – that is my favorite part.

NCP Homescan – I haven’t signed up for this one (although I’m thinking I will this time around) just because it looks fun.  They send you a scanner and as you unload your groceries at home, you scan in what you bought – I’m thinking my kids will get a kick out that one!  Payment for this program is points that you can trade in for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more.

Survey Spot – This one is nice in the fact that it offers you LOTS of surveys to take (you can take about 25 surveys a month if you want to!).  I used to do surveys through them before I spent all day on the computer deal finding – I remember you get paid with entries to sweepstakes and prizes, but I believe you also get paid with points you trade in for cash.  Because they offer so many surveys it would be easy to see how it’s going to work out for you pretty quickly. – If anyone is currently a panelist here, we’d love it if you left your feedback for others!

Consumer Advisory Group – Currently have openings for both Women and Men. I am not familiar with this group at all – so I can’t give you much to go on, sorry. Looking through their site though it looks like you are paid in gift cards.

Survey Savvy – This is a really good one for cash – they will tell you upfront how much each survey is worth in cash.  You will get more offers for surveys the more you do.  I hardly ever do surveys right now and I still get about an offer a week from them.

Valued Opinions – I have never used this one – but from what I can find on the website you earn points and cash them in for gift cards – the GC selection looks pretty good, including Amazon – so for me that’s as good as cash!



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