Free 1 month Netflix (do NOT have to be a new customer!)

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Well this is exciting!!!  I usually won’t pay anything extra for my movies (I already have Amazon Prime and with all my Redbox codes I come across, I’m set enough) BUT I certainly won’t turn down a free month of Netflix!!!  I got a little card in the mail today with the following offer:

“Here’s a special offer for family and friends of Netflix.  Get a one month FREE trial by going online and entering Priority Code: 80035668.  This FREE Trial offer can be shared with as many family and friends as you’d like.

“Free Trial Offer expires 11/15/2012.  One month free trial offer is available to new and certain former members of the Netflix service.  Internet access and valid payment method are required to redeem offer.”

Keep in mind that once your “Free Trial” is over, it will automatically roll into a month to month account – so if you don’t want to keep it, make sure you cancel before your 30 days so you won’t be charged.

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  1. I really like netflix on my honeymoon iI was introduce to me and my Wife by my cousin who gave us his home for the week in atlanta ga.and my my my I did not want to leave the house.

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