Free Quilting Online Class – 1 year = 1 quilt or 1 pattern / month

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This is so cool!  I made the top of a quilt years ago for my daughter and it’s been sitting in my closet because I get overwhelmed when I think about finishing it.  I’m sure I could wing it – but after everything that went into the pattern I’d like it finished right.  So I am so excited to find this free online class that walks you through each step.  If you don’t have pattern ideas they have another FREE online class that will teach you different block patterns each month as well.  It is totally free and you can opt out of the emails if you don’t want to be reminded about the class each month.

You’ll find all the classes they offer once you enter your email under the orange “Online Classes“.  The prices of the classes are clearly marked, so just look for the FREE ones to try them out.  Unless you are a serious crafter you should be able to get all you need from the free classes to turn out a beautiful quilt.



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