Free VeggieTales App for Apple and Android/Kindle!

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We LOVE VeggieTales at our house!  They are so much fun!

Right now VeggieTales is offering the VeggieTales Spotisode Collection App for FREE download to your Apple or Android device! Here’s a description from the app’s site:

VeggieTales Spotisode Collection is a free download featuring fan-favorite VeggieTales video clips, Silly Songs and gameplay for your little ones. Children develop valuable skills and learn life’s important lessons as they play this object recognition game using real clips from the #1 animated home video series in the US with moms of pre-schoolers. The VeggieTales Spotisode Collection challenges children to find or “spot” things in the videos. As they find them, new levels, with new clips and new lessons are unlocked.

Hurry on over and download!

For iPhone, iPod, and iPad users download here: VeggieTales Free App for Apple.

For Android / Kindle device users download here: VeggieTales Free App for Android.


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