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doTERRA Wild Orange Giveaway

One of my favorite essential oils is Wild Orange.  I use it at least a couple of times a week.  One, because it is a little less expensive than some of the other essential oils out there.  And two, because it is just plain GREAT!

doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil is cold-pressed from the orange peel, wild orange is excellent for energizing and revitalizing. It is also commonly used as an effective tool for uplifting mood, as well as for its wonderful citrus aroma.

Helps with Anxiety, Depression, Nausea, and Toxemia.

What are some doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil uses?

  • Excellent for disinfecting and killing fungus and pathogens
  • Effective against colds and flu, and is highly recommended for use during the onset of sickness
  • Supports the elimination toxins from the body, while stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Energizing, uplifting and sedative due to instilling feelings of peace
  • Powerful to use in the treatment of anorexia
  • Can be effective as an anti-cancer agent due to Wild Orange’s main constituent, limonene, which has powerful anti-cancer activity

I love using it to help lift my mood by diffusing it in the air with my Essential Oil Diffuser.  Plus it helps to kill germs so it is one of those oils I want to have in the house for sure as we are headed into the cold and flu season!


Lately my favorite thing is to add it to my daily chocolate protein shake!  Yummo!!  Not only does it make my protein shake taste like a chocolate orange (seriously, so yummo) but I get all those extra benefits of the oil!  Win-Win!!

One of you lucky readers will win your own bottle of doTERRA Wild Orange Essential Oil from My Natural Family!

To enter just comment below.  Let me know if you have used orange oil before.  What do you love most about it or what makes you excited to try this oil out?

Then enter in the rafflecopter below.

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  1. christina says:

    Not yet but would love a chance to try it

  2. alex fisher says:

    I have not! But we’re just getting into essential oils and would love the chance to try out a new one!

  3. I have never used doTerra, but would love to try it!!! Wild Orange sounds wonderful!

  4. Heidi Potter says:

    I love putting it in my water–I struggle with drinking enough water each day, but if it tastes delicious it’s much easier!

  5. Colette Barker says:

    I haven’t used the Orange oil yet but have used some others. I would love to try it.

  6. I have never used essential oils before, but I have heard wonderful things about them. This would be a great chance to start using essential oils in our home!

  7. Caroline ivory says:

    I would diffuse it for lifting my mood!

  8. Janalyn H. says:

    This is one oil I haven’t tried yet, but would love to. I love essential oils.

  9. Lenora Austin says:

    I would love to try it , my aunt is always taking about this stuff and I would like to personally see the benifits

  10. Wild Orange is mixed in some blends I use and love to use it as a mood lifter, but I haven’t tried it alone. I mix lemon in my water and would love to try orange!

  11. Never tried it but just learning about some of the greatness of these oils and wanting to try it out for myself. Thanks

  12. Michelle Moon says:

    My son is medically fragile and I am starting to use oils to help improve his health and keep our home cleaner. I’d love to win this!

  13. Nitasha E. says:

    I used it while I was in labor and it was so awesome! It really helped with my nausea and I loved the smell!

  14. I’ve never used it but I love all things orange flavored and scented!

  15. I have some of the Orange essential oil but have not ever used it before

  16. I’ve never tried the orange essential oil. I just purchased the Breathe blend and love it!

  17. I have not tried this yet, but I could use a mood booster!

  18. I’ve not used it before. I’d like to add it to my homemade cleaners!

  19. I have not used it before, but I am very interested in using them.

  20. Rachel Salazar says:

    I have not tried it before but I would like to try Wild Orange to help with the winter blues!

  21. I have never tried but am very interested, I am curious how does it work against anorexia?

  22. I have and it smells great!

  23. I have not tried wild orange – but would love to.

  24. I use wild orange in most of my homemade cleaning supplies!


  25. Jamie Hoffman says:

    Never tried it but if it is good for flu season sign me up!!

  26. Have not tried it yet. Will enjoy it when I win this.
    Thanks for the contest.

  27. I have never tried it bout would love to see what it can do to help with colds and flu this season.

  28. Brooklyn Dutson says:

    I sampled some it was heavenly

  29. I love citrus scents so I excited to try it.

  30. I have never used this oil but would love to try especially for my son who has asthma

  31. I haven’t tried it yet but want to. I’ve heard it also acts as a natural spider repellent.

  32. Holly Bailey says:

    I would LOVE this!

  33. I haven’t used the wild orange oil yet, but I LOVE citrus smells and flavors. I would love to be able to try this out. Thanks!

  34. Tyler Johnson says:

    I have never used it before, but I am very open to alternative Medicine.

  35. angela allgier says:

    Peppermint had been one of my favorite but I never thought about how great orange would be to flavor water and a chocolate protein shake. That sounds awesome

  36. crystal blankenship says:

    I haven’t used doterra oils yet. Just asked my sister to get us some onguard foe my daughter who is running a 102 fever. Would love to try the wild orange while we try out essential oils in our home.

  37. Have not tried the orange, but I’m sure it’s great as the other doterra.

  38. I haven’t tried it yet, I would love to try it for the energizing factor. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Victoria Root says:

    I just got a trial bottle from a friend but haven’t tried it yet. can’t wait!

  40. I’ve never tried it before, but I would love to! It sounds wonderful!

  41. I have used wild orange oil before – I find it to be a very uplifting scent

  42. I have been able to smell Wild Orange at an essential oils class, and have tasted chocolate truffles made with Wild Orange (yumm!!). I would love to have my own bottle!

  43. I do use it – I diffuse it . I love the smell.

  44. I have used it and love it!

  45. Not yet, but I would love to have it to help my poor digestion!

  46. Wild Orange Essential Oil sounds like it would be such an uplifting scent, especially during the dark, cold, winter months.

  47. Looks like it’d be amazing!

  48. I haven’t tried it, but I love the scent of orange!

  49. Haven’t tried it but have used the Lemon in my water and diffuser. Would love to try Orange!!!

  50. Sheryl B. says:

    I have not tried Orange essential oil yet, but would love to! I have recently got into DoTerra products and have been taking the Vitality supplements and using the lavender oil. I would love to try it because it would help boost my mood and aid with some anxiety/stress issues.

  51. I haven’t tried this one yet. I would love to use this in my shakes for the detox benefits.

  52. Yes I have used Wild Orange. I have used it in multiple ways, in the diffuser, in my drinking water and in food, really good in either a chocolate or vanilla protein shake.

  53. Would like to try some essential oils.

  54. Lyndie Barker says:

    Have you used Wild Orange before? No, but I hear good things about this stuff!

  55. I’ve never tried it before. I would like to try it because I keep hearing good things about it.

  56. My daughter loves this! Helps with anxiety!

  57. I LOVE DoTerra’s lemon but have not yet tried orange yet. I have had breast cancer and so I take it religiously. Would love to try orange and give my routine a little fresh “twist”!

  58. Margaret J says:

    I haven’t tried Wild Orange yet. I an essential oil newbie, and lemon is the only citrus I’ve had a chance to try so far.

  59. I’ve never tried it. I’ve gone to a few classes on essential oils but never could get myself to pay that much for them. Maybe after trying it, I’ll be convinced!

  60. Brienne Alder says:

    I LOVE DoTerra.. I haven’t ever used Wild Orange but have wanted to!!!

  61. I have not tried Wild Orange, but would love too! I have tried Lemon and Lavender and love them.

  62. i’ve never used it but it sounds fun!

  63. My daughter and I love wild orange. We run it thru the diffuser or put directly on us. I’m going to try it in my fav cranberry cookie recipe! I always use it and need more!!!

  64. Not yet but I’ve heard good things about it.

  65. I need an essential oils for dummies book with it.

  66. I haven’t tried orange, but I love the smell of a lemon so I think this would be fun too!

  67. Katherine says:

    I enjoy citrus oils; wild orange is one that I have not tried.


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