Glow Sticks $8.95 for 100! *Use on Halloween*

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I was just thinking about Halloween and I realized that I haven’t picked up my Glow Sticks this year.  We started a tradition last year that I intend to continue.  Last year we handed out Glow Sticks to the trick-or-treaters.  I had a little bit of candy too and I let them pick.  They all picked the Glow Sticks!  They were a HUGE success.

I love giving them out because they are fun, healthy, and safe.  Our neighborhood is quite dark and I loved seeing all the little glow bracelets running around.  Plus, with all the candy they get that night, it is fun for the kiddos to have something different.

Anyway, I was excited, because I found them for even cheaper this year!

Head on over to Amazon and you can score 100 Glow Sticks for only $8.95!  That is only $.09 per child.  These will ship free with your Prime account or when you spend $25.  Plus, if you have leftovers you don’t have a bunch of candy left in your house.  You have fun toys for your kids.  They are great in the bathtub!

Just head on over to Amazon to grab yours, but remember, the price can change at any time.

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