Last Blogiversary Giveaway: $150 in Macey’s Gift Cards! *Utah*

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We did it!  We made it to the end of our 1-year blogiversary.  I hope you have had a BLAST!  I have loved sharing some of my favorite products and companies with you.  Don’t worry, this isn’t the end of the giveaways.  We just won’t be having them Every – Single – Day!  My hubby is starting to wonder if I am married to my computer or to him.  😉

After all of these Awesome giveaways, I just couldn’t help myself, I saved the BEST for last!!

I love Macey’s.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  Their store is clean, well stocked, and the prices are Awesome!  Not to mention, the employees are the Best around!  Our closest Macey’s is about 25 miles away and I will still make the drive {So jealous of those of you who live closer}.

My girls love the car carts and the free cookies at the bakery.  Plus they have loads of other fun stuff to keep your kiddos busy and happy.  Make sure to stop by the customer service counter at your local Macey’s to see what they have at your store.  Don’t know where your closest Macey’s store is?  Check out their locations!

We always post the BEST deals at Macey’s every week.  Many of their deals are GREAT even without coupons.  Add in the coupons and you will find some Crazy Killer Deals!

You can always know that you are getting a GREAT deal if it is on our deals list that week.  It makes shopping at Macey’s quick and easy.


Are you sold yet?  You should be, because one of you lucky readers is going to win a $100 Gift Certificate to Macey’s!!  Yep, awesome right?!  Wanna increase your odds?  Not only are we giving away a $100 gift card, BUT…. if  you share this giveaway with your friends, and they win, you will win a $50 gift card too.

Here’s how to get a TON of entries:  Share this giveaway with ALL of your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, your blog, ect.  Make sure to tell them to list your name as referring you.  When one of them win, you will win too!  Easy peasy.  The more people you share it with, the higher your chances of winning!

There are also a bunch of other ways to get entries, so make sure you do them all to increase your chances of winning!  Make sure to head on over to Macey’s Facebook Page and tell them that Utah Sweet Savings set you.

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  1. JaKell Meckley says:

    love their prices and variety… and sales on huge boxes of chicken breasts!

  2. Gretchen Mills says:

    The store is always clean and their caselot sales are awesome.

  3. I love Maceys cuz they’re closed on Sunday! And they have everything…

  4. I like their customer service.

  5. I love Macey’s their prices are unbeatable and they always have good quality produce and freshly cut meat! Macey’s is my favorite store!!!

  6. Love their cheeses! And it’s always such a beautiful and clean store!

  7. I love Macey’s and their low prices.

  8. Macey’s is the best!

  9. Shellsea S. says:

    I love that they have the car carts. The second we pull up, my son starts yelling CAR, CAR!! Hahaha!

  10. I love how friendly the employees are and how clean the store is.

  11. The customer service is great and they are very coupon friendly!

  12. I love their prices!

  13. Ann Maria Nopuoc says:

    I haven’t been to Macey’s.

  14. We love Macey’s too! I finally live close to one. 🙂

  15. Love Macey’s!

  16. I live that Macey’s employees are so friendly and knowledgeable – you don’t always find that at grocery stores

  17. Macey’s is my hometown store so I like to shop there no matter where I live.

  18. I loved living close to a Macey’s in both Sandy and Tooele, wish we were still that close to one.

  19. Stephanie M says:

    I need to win.

  20. case lots!

  21. I love their french bread, yum!

  22. Erin Olson says:

    Awesome! I love Macey’s prices!

  23. I LOVE their customer service AND their great prices. It seems to me there are not enough stores who think those two things should go hand in hand. Love that Macey’s offers both!

  24. Shaun Dewitt says:

    Love shopping at Macy’s…shopping for free would be EVEN BETTER!!!

  25. I love Macey’s because the store is always clean, and the customer service is great. They are always so friendly and helpful. I also love Macey’s Caselot Sale.

  26. Alisa Ellingson says:

    Macey’s is my favorite! It’s just 3 blocks from my house, so it’s convenient and everyone there is so friendly.

  27. Jackie Bracken says:

    My favorite thing about Macey’s is the many different brands they carry. I don’t have time to use coupons and I like that I can still get great prices without coupons.

  28. Maria Kiguthi says:

    My favorite thing about Macey’s is the support local companies and carry lots of local products.

  29. The soft serve ice cream ! Who’s got their spare change ready ?

  30. It’s so convenient and I love their prices on most things. For the things they have marked a little higher, I just wait for a sale and it’s guaranteed to be the lowest price in town.

  31. Marlene Murray says:

    I love the clean openness of their stores, and the Prices!


    I love how Macey’s always has a great stock of their deals – I’ve never had to worry about them running out of something! 🙂

  33. I love their caselot sales!

  34. I worked at Macey’s during college and loved that they were closed on Sundays!

  35. I love their case lot sales and the Kong Cone 🙂
    shakenafist at yahoo dot com

  36. I love their caselot sales! Great bargains!

  37. Merrijane says:

    I haven’t been to Macey’s for years because there isn’t one close, but I loved their reasonable prices and the pleasant atmosphere of their store.

  38. I love Macey’s because of all the fun things they do for their customers. Tailgate parties, Wienermobiles, Tillamook Love Loaf buses, the list goes on and on. It’s the best store out there!

  39. Julie Hatch says:

    My son loves the cars to drive. We go there all the time.

  40. I love Macey’s! I love that the prices are great, the employees are friendly, and they are closed on Sunday.

  41. Laura Jacobson says:

    I love the kids section…we love Carters clothing and they carry such a huge variety! I also love how the decorate during the holidays…so fun to Christmas shop there!

  42. Nicole Harmon says:

    Case lot sales

  43. We love Macey’s! We have always shopped there since I was little. 🙂

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! Congrats on your blogiversary!

  44. Congratulations on hitting your one year mark. Woot!

    There’s a Macy’s right up the street from me…They hace the best fresh baked wheat bread. I would love to win this!

  45. New to the area and love what I have experienced at Maceys! Would love to win! Congrats!

  46. Patricia Mohl says:

    Love the low prices.

  47. Thanks for a chance to win a gift card to a WONDERFUL store!

  48. I’ve actually never shopped at Macey’s. I think I live between some of their locations. But I’d make the drive if I won!

  49. We love their ice cream. The KONG is HUGE!!!

  50. christina c says:

    Maceys is my go-to store

  51. Love how friendly and helpful the staff is. Only place I go for produce and meat since it is such high quality and fresh.

  52. clisty Mickelson says:

    Sweet savings is AWESOME!!! Thanks!

  53. clisty Mickelson says:

    I love being able to get ice cream for my girls while we’re shopping, it also keeps my hubby happy…lol.

  54. Ashley Stimson says:

    Maceys is wonderful! I am a student, so their deals really help me out. Especially my local one and their recent back to school sales. Awesome!

  55. Nicole Westmoreland says:

    Happy Blogiversary!!!

    My favorite thing about Macey’s is the stores are so clean, customer service is great, and I can use my manufacturers coupons with their store coupons to get such fantastic deals!

    My store is the 36th street in Ogden store 🙂

  56. Blake Gailey says:

    What I like about maceys is their emergency preparedness section.

  57. Tessa Gailey says:

    Love their prices and their selection!

  58. I also love the prices and how clean the store is!

  59. Alene Nielsen says:

    The case lot sales

  60. I love their case lot sales!

  61. I love the case lot sales!

  62. I like their freshly made sushi! I also love their ice cream cones.

  63. I love the case lot sales and all the great prices.

  64. Maceys is where we shop for almost all our groceries.

  65. I love their produce!

  66. Great prices and the BEST selection around. .LOVE the produce area, always clean and fresh!!

  67. I love their prices and their variety!!

  68. Ashli Crookston says:

    Their case lot sales are great!

  69. Tami Vollenweider says:

    I love their clearance racks!

  70. Great customer service

  71. I love Macey’s! The employees are friendly and helpful, the store is clean, and the sales are great.

  72. Allison Jester says:

    I love the great customer service and that they give back to my community.

  73. can’r beat their soft serve 😉

  74. Michelle P. says:

    I love Macey’s because they always carry the things in their ads (unlike one of my more local stores . . . ) and my daughter loves them because they give her a cookie and sometimes the bagger slips her Smarties. 🙂

  75. Glorajean Beardall says:

    I LOVE Macey’s because they have good sales and great employees.

  76. I love their prices and customer service

  77. I LOVE Maceys! I love their prices! I have compared pricing with smith’s, walmart and fresh market and when it comes to meat prices..it is so much less!! I shop at the Lehi Maceys at least once a week if not more! I love it also when they have their case lot sale.

  78. I would love to win the maceys gift card. 🙂

  79. I love the friendly faces!

  80. I love Macey’s King Kong Cones. They’re the BEST anywhere!!!

  81. I hate to say it but it is our top candy stop 🙂

  82. Macey’s has the nicest emloyees!

  83. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I love their prices. My kids love the smarties they get when we check out.

  84. Janet Autrey says:

    I love how bright and clean Macey’s keeps their stores! I have been shopping there for years and love their case lot sales.

  85. We love Macey’s at our house!

  86. I love the customer service

  87. Love, Love, Love Macey’s! 😉

  88. Stephanie Strawn says:

    I LOVE Macey’s – its my favorite grocery store by far!

  89. Kimberly Garner says:

    I love shopping their weekly specials, they have great sales. I especially love their case lot sales!

  90. Leslie Perry says:

    I love shopping at Maceys!

  91. Maureen Sorenson says:

    I love Macey’s because they close on Sundays! Love supporting stores that share my goals.

  92. janelle christine jensen says:

    I love that I hardly wait in line ever and that they give free kids cookies. Makes my trip a lot faster and easier with the kiddo’s

  93. Rhonda Mullins says:

    I LOVE Maceys!

  94. Cammie Didas says:

    This would be awesome to win, it would really help out right about now

  95. i love maceys and they are right across the street

  96. Joanna Rothe says:

    I just spent $200 at Macey’s because they had the best price on Powerade!

  97. Macey’s has great sales!

  98. adrienne warren says:

    I like their web site. Agoraphobic< I try to avoid large stores with lots of people in them. But thier web site is cool and it do make me feel all fancy even shopping in my bunny jammies

  99. Yvonne Wilding says:

    You think it is the prices that get you, but really it is the people!

  100. Becky Sandusky says:

    I love the people who work there. Their produce is my favorite. It is good and stays fresh longer then any other store.

  101. I’ve never been (newish to utah) but I get all their sale papers and Want to go shop there they always have great deals!!

  102. I enjoy shopping at Macy’s!

  103. My favorite thing at Maceys is their ice cream cones at the deli!

  104. Robyn alexander says:

    Love their customer service

  105. Love caselot sales!!

  106. I love their peanut butter bars!

  107. Lori Spindler says:

    I love maceys.

  108. I love getting fruit and veggies at macy’s…. it’s always fresh and really great!

  109. I love their sales!

  110. I love shopping at Maceys!

  111. Love the car carts and donuts (mmmmm!)

  112. Vanessa barker says:

    I love their bakery!!

  113. I love the Kong cones you can buy when you’re done shopping!

  114. I love Macey’s farm bread, which is inexpensive but (IMHO) the best store-bought bread ever! I also love the family- and community-friendly atmosphere of the store. I know a lot of the people who work at our South Ogden Macey’s and it’s fun to see them there.

  115. I Love the prices and the variety .

  116. I love Macey’s friendly service and my kids love the treats at the check out.

  117. Best customer service around!

  118. Maceys is BEST and all of workrs are so sweet thank you macey

  119. Their cheap ice cream cones that you can get while shopping and their fresh donuts!

  120. Tweeted about the giveaway. I love Maceys! It’s such a wonderful neighborhood store and I especially love their fresh meat!

  121. I love how friendly and helpful all the employees are.

  122. Heather Beardall says:

    Their Bakery is the best! Not to mention the yummy ice cream!!!

  123. i love the bakerys raspberry cakes! and they also have some great deals on their products! i have noticed how clean they keep their store unlike alot of places!

  124. They sell Utah Truffles! As well as great ice cream 🙂

  125. I love that they are so close to my house, and their prices are very competetive! Plus the store is clean and the people are so nice, it makes me want to come back.

  126. Carol Anne Daniels says:

    As a Air Force wife, I shopped at places around the world. Now, retired in Orem, I like the hometown atmosphere at Macey’s, with friendly checkers and great customer service.

  127. I love everything. My most recent love about it was that they have a coinstar machine so I c’ould get rid of all my coins. But I love the parties and the decor and the people, always so nice even when I grab the wrong thing!

  128. of course I think it is a great store!

  129. My favorite thing about Macey’s is EVERYTHING! I love the free cookie, great produce, and wonderful meat selections. What’s not to love??

  130. Kayla Owens says:

    I love that they were willing to give my son’s preschool class a tour of their store. The kids got to see the bakery, the produce refrigerator, the deli, they absolutely loved it.

  131. Mindee Mellen says:

    I love Macey’s! I love that I can find spices there that I can’t any where else.

  132. I love how family friendly they are!

  133. terri mt ptices, friendly peopleadison says:

    i love macey’s! great prices and deals all the time.

  134. Now this is a sweet giveaway! Macey’s is great to shop. I trust their produce and meat products; I don’t shop at stores with iffy produce and meat. Love that they do rain checks for me if they are out of items listed in their ad.

  135. I love the variety and the makeup counters

  136. I have always loved Macey’s! I grew up shopping there with my mom or going to get ice cream on family night. I love the atmosphere. The greatest people work there. They work hard and they are friendly. Macey’s takes care of their guests and their team members. There is also a great quality of food there for fantastic prices! I will always recommend shopping at Macey’s! It is my favorite grocery store! 😀

  137. I LOVE Macey’s Bakery. They have great quality stuff and their bread is amazing! 🙂

  138. We love Maceys Farm Bread!

  139. Love the case lot sales!

  140. Hi Becky! Congrats on your first year! I am just starting… but it has been fun so far!

  141. Their customer service is the absolute best!!!

  142. Emily Green says:

    They have great prices and bulk items for food storage! 🙂

  143. I love their sales!

  144. emily baldridge says:

    Love Macy and there variety of stuff

  145. Nevaeh Cullen says:

    Love Macy all the wonderful prices

  146. Angie tim baldridge says:

    Macy is a wonderful store with great prices

  147. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    I’ve actually only been to Macey’s once…they had cute clothes…If I won I’d hit Macey’s HARD! 😀

  148. Candice MaudsleIy says:

    I will check it out


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