My Personal Favorite: The Piano Guys Album $11.35!

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Have you heard of The Piano Guys?  I am a HUGE fan.  In fact, I just went to a concert of theirs on Wednesday night.  It was being filmed for a PBS special, so much fun!  They are local’s from Utah that I have been following for YEARS.  I remember seeing them in a little church maybe 20 years ago…

Anyway, their newest CD comes out on October 2nd.  You can pre-order it on Amazon right now and use code PIANOI23 to save $2, making the entire album only $11.35!  That is a killer deal for this amazing music.

The Piano Guys are a HUGE YouTube phenomenon.  This is one of my favorites:


Ok, and this one…

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  1. Julie Hatch says:

    Oh, we love the piano guys. We went to the concert at Thanksgiving Point. They are wonderful. We love Beethoven’s Secrets. My son loves “the tripping song” (John Schmidt’s Dumb Song).

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