New to coupon/deal shopping? Everything you need to know.

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Are you new to deal shopping or couponing?  We want to make it easy for you to learn just how to go about it.  We’ve written lots of learning articles here on our blog to help you become an expert.  Take your time and read through these following articles to make sure you’ve got your bases covered.  If you have an awesome success story we’d LOVE to hear it – send us an email at

Simplifying Deals – Breaks down the different ways you can go about finding deals.  **Read this one first!

Just how much can you really get with coupons? – Becky will show you what she did with $100 on Studio 5.  You can also see a list of the items and how they were purchased.

Using Amazon – this is a great tool when used the right way.  Becky is an expert and will show you how to make it work best for your family.

Once you start using Amazon, you will want to get some free Amazon credit, right?  Shows you how to earn free Amazon credit for doing what you are doing right now on the internet.

How do you actually use coupons in the store to get the very best deals?  You will want to take a look at our lists that we make each week (you can find them under the “Featured Stores” tab on our front page).  We are in the works with writing more tutorials for stores but you can start with “Walgreens Shopping Tips” to get an idea of how coupons + sales + reward programs can get you lots of your household/personal care items for pennies on the dollar.

Having a newspaper subscription is a great way to be ready for all the deals that come along – I promise – your subscription will pay you back over and over and over again for the $ you invest in it.  Since we are a deal website though… We wouldn’t want you to pay full price for anything!  Including your newspaper – check out the local Utah Deals we’ve negotiated for you so you save $ on your saving $ plan.  (Read Tip #4 under Simplifying Deals.)


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  1. […] If you are new to Walgreens you may want to read “Walgreens Shopping Tips” and the “Walgreens Coupon Policy” in the Learning Center.  If you are new to couponing you may want to check out “How to coupon / deal shop“. […]

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