Newspaper Clipping Tips

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Your newspapers have come. You have your scissors and a spot at the table. You’re ready to go. But, before you begin, here are a couple tips to make your coupon clipping more successful:

  • When clipping multiple copies of the Sunday paper – stack the same coupon sheets on top of each other, and then cut the same coupons out all together. This will save you lots of time – since you won’t have to cut the same coupon out over and over.
  • A majority of your coupons will come from the coupon inserts, but don’t throw away the rest of the newspaper without a quick scan through the rest of the paper. The “Parade” magazine will often have coupons throughout it. Also, local businesses will put coupons throughout the regular section of the paper. And, stores will sometimes have coupons throughout their ads. Every so often, the paper will have special inserts (for example, the “Best of Utah County” section) and you’re bound to find coupons there too.
  • Ordering multiple copies of the paper – gives you lots of coupons and lots of money saved! Along with all the coupons you’ll also have a lot of paper to get rid of. But here is a great way to put that paper to good use. Find a large box or bin to put all the extra newspaper in. When the bin is full, head on over to your nearby elementary school. Elementary schools each have a large paper recycling dumpster. The best part is that the school gets paid for the paper they have collected in these recycling dumpsters – and the more paper they recycle the more money they get. How great is that? You save by cutting coupons and you help out your local elementary while you are at it!


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