Printable Coupon = FREE bag of Lindt chocolate!

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“Like” Lindt Chocolate on Facebook and they will give you a coupon for a FREE bag of Lindor Truffles!  Yum!!!  This is redeemable at any retailer that accepts coupons – like Walmart, Target, Smiths etc.

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  • Has anyone else had problems redeeming this at Walmart? Last night at Walmart (in central Utah,) the coupon beeped and they wouldn’t take it. They said the Walmart coupon policy does not let them accept coupons for free items. I’ve redeemed “free” coupons before but they said that they are only adhering to their policy and refused to take it. They even called a manager over who refused to take it.

    • That is the problem with Walmart, frankly. It depends on who you get at which store. Some are great, some…not so much. I haven’t tried it, so I don’t know about the beeping. Sorry.

      • Our Walmart used to be really great, and I always felt sorry for other people who had “bad” Walmarts. Now the past three times I have tried to use coupons, they have limited me to 2 per product type, have accused me of copying coupons (even when I showed them that the codes were different on each coupon,) and now have refused to take “free” coupons. I hope it works for others when they go to redeem this because this is an awesome freebie! I mean FREE CHOCOLATE, right? 🙂

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