***SUPER HOT*** Target Up&Up Diapers: as low as $0.09/diaper! *EXPIRED*

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UPDATE: All sold out. That was fast. I’m glad I happened to be up at 2:30 am so I could get a box!

W.O.W.  Target has a KILLER deal on diapers today! For only $38, you can get a case of up&up™ Baby Diapers! These are going to sell FAST, so if you have a baby in diapers, or will soon (at this price, I’d go as far to say if you’re EVER going to have a baby in diapers), then you have to get this deal!

This deal is SUPER hot, because since it is one of Target’s daily deals it includes FREE Shipping to your home! Plus, save an extra 5% if you have a credit or debit REDcard, making it only $36.10/case!

Here’s a breakdown on how much per diaper you will will pay based on the diaper size:

  • Size 2: 384 Diapers = $0.099/diaper (without REDcard); $0.094/diaper (with REDcard)
  • Size 3: 384 Diapers = $0.099/diaper (without REDcard); $0.094/diaper (with REDcard)
  • Size 4: 328 Diapers = $0.116/diaper (without REDcard); $0.11/diaper (with REDcard)
  • Size 5: 280 Diapers = $0.136/diaper (without REDcard); $0.129/diaper (with REDcard)
  • Size 6: 240 Diapers =  $0.158/diaper (without REDcard); $0.15/diaper (with REDcard)

Go here to get stocked up!


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  1. Hey, just went to the website. They’re sold out already. Just thought I’d let you know.

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