Tide Pods 77 pk for $19.22 ($.25/load!)

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Okay, so I am thinking this is an awesome deal – but I always buy liquid detergent and base my “Buy Price” by the cost / ounce.  So here is my thinking:

Right now on Amazon you can get Tide Pods Detergent, Mystic Forest, 69-Ounce, 77-Count for $19.22 with free shipping if you have Prime – or with a $25 purchase of Super Saver Items (see all of our Amazon deals if you need an idea on getting you over the $25 amount).  That works out to $.25 per load and this includes Detergent, Stain Remover and Brightener – and no tax or driving.

I love Tide and am pretty loyal to it if I can – so my buy price is about $.10 per ounce – although I’m really happy when I find it for $.08 per ounce.  Now honestly, I don’t know EXACTLY how many ounces I’m using per load – I do large loads and I’m thinking probably 3-4 ounces (what do you use?) per load, which works out to $.08/ounce x 3 ounces/load = $.24/load if not just a little more.  (I know my husband and kids use way more than I do – so I like that these are already measured out.)  So just about the same price/load, no driving, no coupons, no tax and you get the Stain Remover and Brightener included.

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