Trade in Old CD’s, Movies, Books, Games = Get Amazon Gift Cards! Make Money!

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It’s no secret that I LOVE Amazon.  How can you not with the Amazing prices, Free shipping to your door, No tax for most states, ect!  There is just So much to love about Amazon!

Well here is one more thing.  Did you know that you can trade items you have lying around your house for Amazon Gift Cards?  It is True.  Amazon’s Trade-In program is where you can trade in your books, DVDs, Electronics, and Video Games for Amazon Gift Cards.

Today I was looking around and noticed that they are now accepting CDs for trade!!  How many of us still have our massive CD collection from 10 years ago?  I know I have a lot.  This will be a GREAT way to get ride of them! Think garage sales!  Someone could make a nice little extra income (in Amazon gift cards) by getting CDs/DVDs/Video Games at garage sales and trading them in.

Here’s one example of how Awesome this program is:  I bought this Wiggles’ Movie in June of last year on Amazon for $7.49.  Right now they are offering me $13.20 to “sell” it back to them!  Seriously?!  How great is that!!  Check your old kid’s movies.

The great part is that shipping is completely FREE.  Just grab a bunch of free boxes from the post office to mail them and then print the free shipping label from Amazon.  Plus, if for some reason they decide not to accept your item then they’ll even ship it back to you for free.

Head on over to Amazon to learn more about this great program and start your dejunking now!

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