Walmart Double Coupon Rules

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Did you know that Walmarts in Utah County will DOUBLE your coupons on Tuesdays?  I’m not a big fan of coupons under $.50, but this makes those little guys much more useful.  Even regular priced items become a great deal when you can double a coupon on them.

Here’s a few rules to get you started:

Coupons will be doubled up to $1 in value:
$.15 coupon = $.30 value
$.25 coupon = $.50 value
$.50 coupon = $1.00 value
$.75 coupon = $1.00 value
$1.00 coupon = $1.00 value

What will happen in line:
The cashier will “Price Match” the price of the item down the value of the coupon (up to $.50) and then scan your coupon.

Buy Heinz Ketchup – $1.25
Use .50/1 coupon
The cashier will “Price Match” your ketchup the value of your coupon – to $0.75
Then the cashier will scan your coupon – taking off another $.50
Final price: $0.25

To make this easier on your cashier and speed up your time in line – set the coupon on top of the item it matches to.

And just a quick FYI, Walmart will not Price Match an item to another ad (say Walgreens) AND double the coupon – you have to pick one or the other.

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