Emily beat Jill and is now Smarterer – Can you beat her score?!!

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I’d like to challenge Lorraine and Becky to a little friendly competition. We’ll each take these quizzes and post our scores to see which of us is “smarterer” than the other two!
Your challenge is to try to beat us! Leave a comment letting us know your scores! And challenge your friends to play, too!
  • Are You a Chocoholic (Jill scored a 577) (Jill – I beat you!  595 points – Ready Becky??? ~Lorraine)  {Becky scored 659!!  I creamed you both!!  Don’t mess with me when it comes to Chocolate!}
  • Children’s Books (Jill scored a 725) (I concede – 654 ~Lorraine)  {Becky – 600, not so good}
  • US State Capitals (Jill scored 529 – that was hard!) (Um… I dare not say. ~Lorraine)  {Becky – 519}  And Jill was knocked down by reader Emily, who scored a 782!  Who can beat that?!
  • Walt Disney World Trivia – (Jill scored a 109 – so sad! I Think I need a trip to Disney World so I can know more about it!) (And a whopping 99 – guess I got a little too cocky there at the beginning.  In my defense – it’s been way too long since I’ve been. 🙂  )  {No comment – Becky  😉  Wow – I guess we need to go to Disney}
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