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*The “freebie” looks like it has reached it’s limit, but you can still enter the sweepstakes if you are interested.

Okay, just have to preface this with a quick *This is my favorite!!*  So this is a service you generally pay about $10 a month for.  For some reason lately they have offered it free *FOR LIFE* several times – Plus right now when you sign up you will be entered to win more than $1,200 in total prizes.  I signed up for it a while back and have absolutely loved it.  Here’s what you get from Food On The Table:

Pick 3 meals each week that are matched up to your local grocery stores ad so you use sale items and get to try out different recipes.  You can rate the recipes you try, so that future suggestions will match what your family likes.  Once you choose your recipes it will make you a grocery list and save the recipes for when you are ready to use them.  You can use this from any number of electronical devices for your convenience.

If you want it to plan more than 3 meals you can pay a little extra – I’ve found that 3 is perfect!  I get a few new recipes, use up my leftovers and still make a few dinners from my “stockpile” to keep dinner costs minimal.  You can choose a weekly reminder if you want one.  I set mine for Wednesday since I usually shop Thursday and the new ad is out then.

One particular feature I really like is choosing something from the “vegetarian” menu.  I will sometimes throw in just a little meat, but this has really helped my family to eat more vegetables as a more substantial part of the meal – and my kids have LIKED the vegetarian meals quite a bit as well.

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  • Is this not free anymore? I went to the website and through all the steps but then it asked me to sign up once I got to the “print grocery list” and it wanted me to pay for the membership. When I click on the last link it sends me to the sweepstakes page and it has two boxes to check under “register now” but nowhere to submit. Just wondering if I’m too late!

    • Wow, that was fast! It’s come around free a few times lately, so we will repost if it does. Thanks for the heads up.


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