Time to Conquer! Video of My Interview on KSL

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Becky on KSL with Jackson

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Last Friday I was interviewed on KSL about my weight loss.  It was an amazing experience.   I got to meet Jackson from last season’s Biggest Loser.  He is GREAT!  We had so much fun chatting before and after the show about our weight loss and our different experiences.

I came away with an even better understanding of what I need to continue to do to stay on track for a happy and HEALTHY life.  It was truly a night that I will never forget.

So this video is for me.  I will continue to watch it again and again.  It inspires me to continue on.  I hope that it touches and inspires you as well.  Living a healthy life is worth it!

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  • I am so inspired by what you said–you called it an “addiction” to food, and I think that for anyone to really make the change, one has to ascertain exactly where they are and what it is they have to overcome! You are awesome! (
    BTW, I am also addicted to food and sugar specifically! I am inspired because I want to make a change as well!

  • I saw the segment on KSL today & was impressed with your results of losing weight! What foods did you add/eliminate from your diet that resulted in your weight loss? I’ve tried many things yet none have worked, including certain exercises@the Bariatric Clinic, yet NOTHING has worked! Please reply w/the specifics of your accomplishments. Sincerely, Christiane(Kris-T-on-ahh) Dukes

    • Christiane,

      Thanks so much for your comment. I understand how hard it can be. Unfortunately, different things work for different people. For me getting sugar and carbs out of my diet was the key. I am a food addict. I had to really limit my foods and just strictly eat a low glycemic diet. No processed sugars, no simple carbs, ect. I eat every 3 hours (roughly 6 times a day). For me food is the key. Exercise is second.

      Good luck!

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