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I just heard about a new program from Deseret Book and I’m so excited about it! Introducing Deseret Bookshelf Plus!

Deseret Bookshelf PLUS is new. The Deseret Bookshelf app has been around for a while but NOW with Plus you can listen to LDS books or read ebooks for a monthly subscription starting at $6.99! How great is that?! What a steal.

That’s UNLIMITED LDS audiobooks and ebooks for only $6.99! Just think of all the possibilities. From church history to new age type stuff to cookbooks and books on the atonement. Even better, they have a Free 30 Day Trial right now! The audiobooks would be the perfect way to get inspired while you commute, work out, or any other time you can’t be reading.

Not only are the over 500 audiobooks, they also have over 1500 ebooks that you can read. All are included in the Deseret Bookshelf Plus.

Audiobooks are so expensive, this is BY FAR the best deal I’ve ever seen on audiobooks. My mind is blown. Average audiobooks cost between $30 – $40, so the fact that you have unlimited access for just $6.99 is NUTS!

Head on over HERE to check out some of the Most Popular books.

Here are some examples of books that I found:

  • A Reason For Faith
  • Blessings of Your Patriarchal Blessing
  • Hearing the Voice of the Lord
  • Fablehaven books
  • Our Best Bites Cookbooks
  • Unstuck
  • Planted: Belief and Belonging
  • Angels
  • History of Joseph Smith by His Mother
  • Christ in Every Hour
  • The Broken Heart
  • Saved by His Grace
  • Believing Christ
  • The Work and The Glory
  • Gerald Lund books
  • Levan Thumps
  • Tennis Shoes and Nephites
  • Charlie
  • The Orphan Keeper
  • Washington hypothesis
  • John Bytheway “Ask”
  • Power of the everyday missionary
  • Brandon Mull’s new book – Dragonwatch
  • and tons more…



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