2 Person 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply Only $28.80 (Save 64%!)

Don’t get caught unprepared in an emergency. Make sure you are ready to evacuate your home in a moments notice with a 72-hour kit. A huge part of that kit is food. Right now at Plum District you can get a 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply from Family Storehouse for just $36 or $41! Even better, you can use code SUMMER2012 to save an additional 20% through August 8!

If you’d like to pick up your order at the Family Storehouse store (located in American Fork), you can get the deal for $36 ($28.80 through August 8).

If you prefer to have your order shipped to you, pay $41 ($32.80 through August 8).

Remember to use code SUMMER2012 at checkout to save 20%!

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