Flirty Apron 20% off code + 50% off groupon = $15 aprons!

WooHoo!! Here is a great deal for a Flirty Apron. Yesterday Becky posted about a $30 groupon for $15 – which pretty much gets you 50% off anything on the site. (You can still grab the groupon here.) This groupon is unique, because it can be used towards your shipping, which helps make your deal even better.

So I was looking around for a good deal (you can save your groupon for a big sale event if you want and score a better deal than this – mine is burning a hole in my pocket – and this is still a really good deal….)

The most expensive aprons they have at Flirty Aprons are $34.95 – So I put one of those in my cart and used code APRONSHOP20 and $6.99 dropped off my total! (20%) That brings my total down to $27.96 + $4.95 shipping = $32.91. I’ll pay with my $30 groupon (which I paid $15 for) and an extra $2.91 – making my apron a total of $17.91!

If you grab one of the cheaper Flirty Aprons (lowest priced apron is $27.95) and use code APRONSHOP20 $5.59 will be taken off your total and your final price will be $22.36 + $4.95 shipping = $27.31. If you pay with your $30 groupon then your total apron cost will be $15!

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