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Chem Clean Giveaway

I am thrilled to share our next giveaway with you!  This giveaway is sponsored by my new friends over at Chem Clean.

If you are like me, you put off having your carpets cleaned.  Why?  You are worried about price, you are worried that it will be a huge inconvenience, you are worried about strange people coming into your home, and you might be worried that your carpets are to far gone.

Those were my excuses for not getting my carpets cleaned!  This is totally embarrassing,  but I haven’t had my basement carpets cleaned since we moved into our home about 7 years ago.  Unfortunately, the previous owners put very light carpet in the basement in order to sell the home.  It worked.  It certainly lightened up the basement (a room with no windows), however, this light carpet isn’t very high quality and it got dirty FAST!

I love my hubby, but he isn’t the cleanest person in the world.  He HATES to clean up spills on carpet.  Add to that two cats (who are no longer with us) and two crazy little girls (who are awesome at making messes) and our carpet was NASTY!

Here are just some of the pictures.  Please don’t judge me.


Gross!  Right?!  Oh, it get worse.  I forgot to mention the stairs.  The stairs (with this same light carpet) come in right next to the door leading outside.  So everyone just runs right in and down.  They are the WORST!  We have had more spills and things tracked on those stairs than I can count.  See…



Totally Nasty!!  I honestly figured it was beyond help.  We have talked about selling our home a few times, and we have always said we would have to re-carpet the basement before listing.  It is just so bad!

I had pretty much given up hope and then I met the Awesome guys over at Chem Clean!  Now like I said before, I am always concerned with letting people in my home.  So, I was a little apprehensive about having them come over and clean my carpets.  But it was SO bad, and I just couldn’t take it anymore!  (I mean the air outside is gross enough, I would like the inside of my house to be clean -right!) So I told them to come on over.

Let me just tell you right now, they were GREAT!  I was so excited, I instagrammed and tweeted this pic:

This is happening right now!!!


Yep, they came out in all that snow.  It seriously made my day!

The guys were SO nice.  Clean cut, super nice and friendly, BYU students.  I felt totally comfortable having them in my home.  They were great and so professional.


Poor guys.  I kept following them around with my camera.

They asked me if I knew where any serious “accidents” had happened.  Perhaps a pet problem or a potty training accident.  They wanted to make sure to treat those spots really well and make sure and disinfect everything.  I was impressed.

They were very careful to protect my walls and my doors from scratches.  They also made sure to keep the door closed as much as possible since it was so cold outside.

I was surprised how quick they were.  They were in and out in about an hour (or so).  But even more impressive was the job they did!  MY CARPET IS BEAUTIFUL!!  I’m not kidding you here!  THIS WAS AMAZING!  Check it out for yourself.

There were SO many stains here!



Isn’t it beautiful!  I think I took about 20 pictures of my clean carpets!!  Check out the stairs!


A little blurry and the shadow is bad.  But can you see how clean they are?   I am beyond thrilled!  The dry time was great as well.  Maybe 4 hours at the most.  They left us with little booties if we needed to walk on it before it was dry.  But it wasn’t a problem.  My girls loved wearing the booties anyway though.

So would I recommend Chem Clean?  A Thousand-times YES!!  I will have them back for sure.

Now is a great time to have your carpets cleaned.  Chem Clean is offering a 60% off code for our readers!!  Seriously!  60% off!!  See, I love them!  Just head on over HERE to check out their site and schedule your appointment.  Use code 020813 to get the discount.

If you are concerned about having the wet winter snow tracked in on your nice clean carpets, do what I did.  Put down the plastic that they use for the parade of homes.  I put it on my stairs and I am thinking of adding it to the high traffic areas.  I am keeping that carpet clean and beautiful!

Ok, not only is Chem Clean offering our readers a 60% discount!  But they are also giving away a $100 Carpet Cleaning!!  SWEET!  To enter, just comment below and let me know what area of your house needs this cleaning the most – and why.

Then make sure to head on over to Chem Clean’s Facebook Page.  Like their page and thank them for the awesome giveaway.  Make sure to tell them that Utah Sweet Savings sent you.  You also might want to stick around and look at their page.  Hint Hint!

Then come back here and fill out the rafflecopter below.  Do as many things as you can to get more entries.  You are going to want to win this one!

*This giveaway is limited to Chem Clean’s Service Area, which is Davis County to Nephi*

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