Giveaway: Six Laser Hair Under Arm Hair Removal Treatments from NIMA ($180 Value)

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NIMA laser hair removal giveaway

I am pretty sure I have just found the BEST deal in Utah!  And you know me, when I find a killer deal, I just have to share.  It’s a compulsion.  You love it, you know you do!

Since being on my weight loss journey I have been trying a lot of fun things I have never done before.  I went skiing, ate sushi, and took a boxing class, among other fun things.  Each one has be thrilling and fun and new.  I’ve loved it.

So since I’ve hit 100 pounds lost, I wanted to do something new, but something that was special.  Something that was a treat.  I felt like a little pampering.  I deserve it, right?!  tired mom

Frankly, we all do.  We are busy!  We spend all day doing things for others.  Being the taxi driver for our kiddos, feeding them (why do they always need to eat?!), cleaning, cleaning, cleaning!  We are CEO, CFO, Cook, Employee, Maid, Coach, Physiatrist, Mother, Wife, and everything else all rolled into one.  Did I mention cleaning?

We need something to rejuvenate ourselves.  Something to bring us a moment of peace.  To remember who we are, to feel special, to feel like we are taking care of ourselves.  Something that will make us better at all of those jobs we do.


How about a SPA DAY!!  I had NEVER had a spa day before.  Why?

  • First things first, I am Cheap.  I have a hard time spending money on myself.  And if I don’t think I’m getting a killer deal, I won’t do it.
  • Second, I was nervous about my size.  I didn’t want someone to see my fat rolls.  I didn’t see how I could possibly relax while worrying about my body the entire time.
  • And third.  I didn’t feel worthy of a day to myself.  Really, I didn’t feel like I was worth the attention.

Then I started getting close to my 100 pound loss.  And I thought, now is the time.  I’m not going to be scared of doing this anymore.  It is time for ME!!


So I found NIMA!  {Cue chorus of angles singing}  Hallelujah!

Have you heard of them?  Oh no?  Well, today is your lucky day.  Seriously, this is one of the BEST deals in Utah!

NIMA was started by the owner of Elase Medical Spas.  You’ve heard of them, I am sure.  They are amazing medical spas that have wonderful treatments for everything you could want.  Facials, Laser Hair removal, Botox, Skin Rejuvenation, even weight loss, the list goes on and on.  Carrie (the owner) was looking for the best of the best when it came to estheticians.  And she just wasn’t finding what she was looking for.  So, she went ahead and started her own Esthetician School.  NIMA (National Institute of Medical Aesthetics) is a school but they have a spa built right in.  You see where I am going with this, right.  LOW LOW PRICES!  Sweet!


We are talking LUXURY SERVICES WITHOUT THE LUXURY PRICE!  Yes, I totally just yelled that, but I am so dang excited about it!  Just look at their SPA MENU.  I am talking Crazy Great Prices!!

I can’t wait to tell you all about my spa day.  (Look for it in my next weight loss post!!)  You are going to want to check it out.  A-Maz-Ing!

After spending a day at NIMA I can’t wait to go back.  They have the best students there. They were so professional and the spa is beautiful.  If I hadn’t known I was being taken care of students, I wouldn’t have been able to tell.  I was pampered, taught about my skin, and I got the rest and relaxation that I needed.  I even fell asleep during my facial.  HEAVEN!

NIMA Pampering Services

They have so many things I wasn’t able to try.  So I will be going back SOON!  Who is coming with me?  NIMA is so amazing they really want to get the word out about their awesome services and even more amazing prices!  So they are giving away to one Super Lucky reader SIX Laser Hair Removals for Under your Arm!  Seriously!!  Can you imagine never having to shave under your arms again!  Oh my goodness, I’m so jealous!

So, here is how you enter.  Head on over to NIMA’s website and check out their list of Spa Services.  Look around and then come back here and let me know which spa service you would like to try.  Ok, you can pick more than one if you want.  I chose four!

Then head on over and like their Facebook Page.  Make sure to tell them hi and thank them for the amazing giveaway.  You can also let them know which service you are excited to try.  Make sure to tell them that Utah Sweet Savings sent you.

Then fill out the rafflecopter below to make sure your entries count.  There are lots of other ways to enter, so do as many as you can to get the most entries.

I’m so excited for this giveaway.  Don’t forget to come back and read my next weight loss update where you will get the details of my amazing spa day!
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