Blogiversary Giveaway #1: DownEast Basics!

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It’s here!  Our first official Blogiversary giveaway!  We have a ton of great giveaways lined up from these sponsors for the next couple of weeks.  I am so excited to share some of these awesome products with you.

So let’s get started!!

Our first Awesome giveaway is sponsored by DownEast Basics!  DownEast has the Cutest clothes ever!  To be totally honest, I haven’t really spent a ton of time looking at DownEast clothes before.  I have always known that they had fun stuff, but since I am to big to wear their clothes (plus size) I’ve never taken the time to REALLY look at them.

Oh My Goodness!  There stuff is so cute.  I can’t wait until I get to wear it.  I now have another reason to loose this weight!  Just take a look at some of the cute clothes they have. Not only are they cute, they are a GREAT price too!


To see all their cute New Arrivals, just head on over here.  This will bring you to their “New Arrivals” page.  You will know you are in the right page when you see this image:

Why do you want to see their New Arrivals?  Because someone is going to win their choice of item from the New Arrivals line!  SWEET!

To enter, first head on over to DownEast Basics and choose what you would choose if you won.  Then come back here and comment below.  There are SO many cute items, good luck picking just one!

After you comment (and record it on the rafflecopter below) you will be able to get more entries.  Just follow the instructions on the raffelcopter.  And make sure to keep checking back for all of the rest of our Awesome giveaways!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I absolutely LOVE downeast. I shop there all the time. I want one of their fall maxi dresses!!

  2. I’m not just saying this to be cheeky, but I really can’t decide what my favorite new arrival is! There are so many things I would pick!

  3. Love the rare find top!

  4. There store is offline right now 🙁 I really love their clothes though, and I wish they would put a store in near me 🙂 Their dresses and tops are my favorite!


  5. Can I pick all?

  6. Kimberly Garner says:

    I definitely want one of their maxi dresses! So cute!

  7. Heather Holt says:

    I would love a maxi!

  8. All of the pages except the main landing appear to still be under construction – but all the clothes on the models on the landing page are adorable!

  9. Nena Sinclair says:

    I would pick the Avila Beach Tank, it’s so cute!

  10. I am loving the Rare Find top from the New Arrivals!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  11. Gretchen Mills says:

    I am in LOVE with the On Set Tunic. Saw it in the store the other day and fell in love even more. Just got the Finish Line top and the On Trend dress also. Super cute clothes!

  12. I love the Rodeo Drive Crop Denim or B Sides short. So cute!

  13. I love downeast, the sweet details on the tops are SO pretty!

  14. Ashli Crookston says:

    Grand entrance or Paris bistro tops!!

  15. I love the blue color spectrum top. I love DownEast Basic clothes!

  16. I’d love the Zoe Dress in Paisley! Congratulations for 1 year! Your blog is wonderful!

  17. charity wilcoxen says:

    I would love the “sunset sails skirt”it is beautiful

  18. Mari Hagen says:

    Love the Paris Bistro Top!

  19. I love the paris bistro top!!

  20. I like the Paris Bistro.

  21. I would start with the the Living Legend Crop Jeans topped with the Rare Find top and add the Canyons Cardi for bad weather and then I could just keep going and going!! Lots of cute stuff!!

  22. I would probably choose the Paris Bistro Top–so cute!

  23. I think my favorite one is the Avila Beach Tank in purple and I actually like what the model is wearing. But I also like the Grand Entrance Top in gray, the B Sides Short and the Living Legend Crop Jean.

  24. I love the Cloud 9 top. Cute and simple.

  25. Krysta Galbraith says:

    I love the Paris Bistro Top. I think that would be a fun addition to my wardrobe!!

  26. I would definitely get the Grand Entrance Top or the Union Square Maxi Dress!

  27. Love the Crayons Cardi and the crop pants!!

  28. I like the Quiet Corner Cardi in anemone

  29. I would love to have a pair of jeans.

  30. larissa terry says:

    I can’t just pick one! i love it all!

  31. Jenny Clayton says:

    I love the Paris bistro top!

  32. I want me some Bling Bootfit Jeans.

  33. Love the “Something Treasured” skirt in grey!

  34. Briann neeley says:

    I love the zoey dress in paisley

  35. JaKell Meckley says:

    Make Believe Top 🙂

  36. Michelle P. says:

    I love the Canyons Cardi! Cute and it looks so cozy.

  37. Oooo… such a hard choice! I think I might go with the Finish Line Top… although those B Sides Shorts are pretty ridiculously cute as well!

  38. Love the Crab Apple dress!

  39. I would pick the Zoe Dress – Floral.

  40. come to me continuum top!

  41. After you posted this on Monday, I went to the site (before it crashed) to see what I would pick if I won. I fell in love with three items that I just HAD to have, and ordered them! (Sausalito halter – yellow dots, Malibu swim skirt – blue dots, and Out of Time Tunic.) I got so excited that I completely forgot to come back here and enter! I remembered when my items were delivered today. So…if I had to choose something ELSE from the site, I would choose the Avila Beach tank and the Sunset Sails skirt (but not to wear together).

  42. Ami Vicchrilli says:

    I love the Jeans

  43. Robyn Alexander says:

    Love the simply treasured skirt! 🙂

  44. I love the summer festival dress!

  45. I love the Rare Find top–so romantic!

  46. The stow-away top in sky grey buds.

  47. tamra childers says:

    like the Grand entrance top.

  48. I really like the Book Shop Skirt and the Sweet Thing Cardi in Seal Brown!

  49. Jessica Hornibrook says:

    Debating between the Paris Bistro top and the Cloud 9… *le sigh*

  50. I love the Finish Line Top!

  51. I would choose the Crab Apple Dress! So cute!

  52. I love the Under Study Top!

  53. LOVE LOVE LOVE the finish line top!

  54. Melissa S says:

    I choose the finish line top! Super cute!!

  55. I LOVE the Crab Apple Dress!

  56. I’d choose the Autumn Retreat dress.

  57. The White ruffled shirt (Paris Raffia) is so darling!

  58. love the crab apple dress

  59. the staggered style skirt in Moonless Night would be great!

  60. I would love a Maxi dress, the Autumn Retreat dress, or the Out of Time Tunic.

  61. I love the Last Stop skirt.

  62. Alene Nielsen says:

    I would get the Understated Beauty Cardi-Blue Glow

  63. Ann Maria Nopuoc says:

    I love the maxi dresses.

  64. I love the Meadow lark cardi–cinnabar……thanks for the chance to win

  65. Finish line top

  66. Jeni Mitchell says:

    I LOVE the Central Station Maxi. What a great Fall dress.

  67. I would love a Maxi dress!

  68. Kathryn Bodrero says:

    It is too hard to pick! I would try to narrow in on a skirt or dress!

  69. MISSY SCHUTZ says:

    Love the autumn retreat dress:)

  70. Crab Apple Dress

  71. Jamie Dennison says:

    I love the maxi dresses

  72. Jamie Dennison says:

    I love the maxi dressses

  73. I’d pick the chart topper skinny jeans or the forever fond top!

  74. I would love their sweet cardi!

  75. Stephanie Thomas says:

    I would pick a maxi dress or the jeans…but I love everything.

  76. I love what the model is wearing…the staggered skirt with the front floral sweater. Also, the forever fond top. Oh, and the botanical dress…

  77. I love the rare find top and the maxi dresses. So cute!

  78. The Crabapple Dress

  79. Gina M (Crave to Save) says:

    I love the last chapter top!
    Entered the rafflecopter form as “crave to save”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  80. Brienne B. Alder says:

    I would LOVE the crab apple dress… I LOVE all Downeast clothes…all so dang cute!!!

  81. I would love the steamboat jacket in moonstruck

  82. I want it all!

  83. I love the Sweet Thing Cardi

  84. KimberLeigh says:

    I love the Orchard Fields Top! Can’t decide which color though…both are lovely! What beautiful tops.

  85. I would love the “sunset sails skirt”!

  86. I love it all!! Um, I think 2 of my favorites are: Intersection Dress in Burro and Principle Artist Dress in Dull Gold. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  87. loving their new jeans!!

  88. I love the downeast basics because you can wear them with everything! I need some new scoop neck tees and v neck tees and a few camis. I love how long they are but also thin and not bulky as under layers. 🙂


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