Blogiversary Giveaway #12: Organa Kids DVD *2 Winners*

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I love simple kid movies.  Movies that have a good message.  Movies that enlighten children’s minds.  Sometimes it seems like the more simple the movie the more my girls like them.  Maybe it is because their minds are still so sensitive and uncluttered.  They don’t need a ton of extra “junk” that gets in the way.

Some of my girls Most Favorite movies come from Organa Kids!  I was introduced to Organa from a friend and we have quite a few of their movies.   They are a very important part of our movie collection.

Movies like:

Adventures of Mouse & Mole

Nelly & Caesar

The Angel and the Soldier Boy

Happy Valley

Castle Farm

These movies all have great messages and reinforce what I am teaching at home about being kind and loving.  I love how their eyes sparkle when they watch them.

I think right now my girl’s favorite is Adventures of Mouse & Mole.  We even had to take it on our vacation a few weeks ago.  This DVD is full of short little stories about two funny little fellows named Mouse & Mole.  They get into all sorts of little silly situations.  One of the stories talks about how important it is to keep your room and home tidy and neat.  Another is about sharing.  But each one is very subtle.  My girls absolutely LOVE it!

Organa is GREAT!  They are giving away one of their movies to TWO of our readers!  Yep!  Just head on over to Organa and see which one you would like to pick.  Unfortunately, they can’t offer us any of the Yoga series.  But all the rest are open for the taking.

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  1. Laurie Johnston says:

    Would love to get this to donate to our family justice center that is going to open up to help families. They could use some good kids books for their kids room! Fingers Crossed! Would’ve loved to have had it for my kids when they were younger.

  2. The adventures of mouse and mole looks fun!

  3. Krysta Galbraith says:

    I think The Adventures of Mouse and Mole looks like a fun DVD for kids.

  4. Amanda Travis says:

    Croatian Tales of Long Ago Part Two
    Croatian Tales of Long Ago Part Two

  5. My kids love to exercise and I think that they would love the Kids Get Movin’ video.

  6. Adventures of Mouse and Mole does look fun!

  7. Alene Nielsen says:

    I think The Adventures of Mouse and Mole

  8. Ashli Crookston says:

    Nelly & Caesar

  9. Probably the Adventures of Mouse and Mole.

  10. Nelly & Caesar looks really cute

  11. Jennifer Winchester says:

    Nelly and Caesar

  12. adventures of mouse and mole

  13. Holly Caulfield says:

    I like Dougie in Disguise

  14. Bocomomma O Frey says:

    It’s going to be a tough choice between
    Dougie in disguise and Nelly & Caesar, lol

  15. Raina Delrio says:

    I would pick Stories from East of the Moon.

  16. Kids get moving would be perfect for my kids!

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    Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

    Error log record number: 861522614

  18. Jennifer Peaslee says:

    Adventures of Mouse and Mole looks cute to me

  19. Stephanie Caplan says:

    My daughter would love the kids get movin’ dvd….she is always doing her exercises lol

  20. Jeni Mitchell says:

    I would choose Castle Farm.

  21. mouse and mole

  22. The adventures of mouse and mole looks fun!

  23. meridith hart says:

    adventures of a mouse and a mole 🙂

  24. Jenny Stanek says:

    Adventures of Mouse & Mole sounds fun!


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