25mg CBD Bath Bomb $5.99 (reg $12.99)

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I’m super excited about this deal! I use CBD oil almost daily to help with pain and to help me relax! This CBD Infused Bath Bomb looks so cool!!

25mg CBD Bath Bomb $5.99 (reg $12.99)


  • CBD infused Bath Bomb
  • Blended w/ Jojoba oil
  • Get ready to relax
  • Seed to shelf CBD

Shipping is $2.99 for the first item and FREE for each additional item. So be sure to grab at least a couple!

Hey guys, for those of you who are on the fence on this one, we reached out to the seller of this product and this is their reply:
“So all of our hemp is grown in Grand Junction Colorado. In Mesa County. It’s the only county in all of Colorado where you’re not allowed to grown marijuana, so it’s a strictly Hemp County. Our extraction facility is owned by us and is also in Grand Junction Colorado. We are GMP compliant, we do heavy metals and microbial testing with 3rd party labs (which have been given to Trace over at Jane.com along with our Chain of Custody report showing it’s truly seed to shelf.
It’s full spectrum CBD NOT isolate or synthetic. There have been a few problems around the country with Isolate because a lot of people are sourcing CBD isolate and a lot of it is synthetic and/or produced out of the country in places like China. So it’s important that we’re full spectrum, especially to the savvy customer.
Goes without saying, but I’ll say it; We are below .3 THC which is compliant with the law in all 50 states and federally.”


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