72 hour kit for TWO (in a 1 gal bucket) $39 shipped

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72 hour kit

Such a great idea to have – I like to have a 72 hour kit in the trunk of my car as well as my house – in case of a fire, earthquake, snow storm and stuck in my car overnight or flood – if you have to leave home for a short while – it’s nice to know you aren’t going to be stuck looking for a way to feed your family.  Most natural disasters will not receive outside help for about 3 days (hey!  That’s 72 hours!) and I know I get pretty grumpy and am not much help after missing one meal.

These 72 hour kits for 2 – priced at $39 and shipped right to you, are a fantastic deal!  That is just $6.50 for food per day for each person – which is a good price for food period!  I normally make my own “72 hour kits” (which is still a good idea for all the other “extras”) but rotating out the food each year is really a pain – these kits are nice and compact (in a 1 gallon bucket) and will not expire for 25 years.  Make sure you store a jug of water with it – and you still may want a box or two of energy bars – but what a great back up if you ever were in an emergency situation!

You can also purchase a 72 hour kit for 4 for $79 (same price / person / day).  2 Person Kits include:

  • Five servings each of creamy vegetable soup and three-bean chili
  • Five servings each of cheesy rice
  • Eight servings of instant rice
  • Five servings of honey-almond granola
  • Five servings of whey milk
  • Stored in compact one-gallon container
  • See the full description here

Double the above for the 4 person kit.

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