Attention Amazon Shoppers! BIG Change Coming!

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If you have been following Utah Sweet Savings for any amount of time, you know what HUGE fans of Amazon we have been.  We LOVE to shop on Amazon and have loved promoting their deals for all of these years.  The truth is, they have some killer deals!


We recently received an email from Amazon changing our affiliate program with them.  As many of you know (and we haven shared this information many times) we make a very small percentage of the purchase price of many of the items that we share here on this site.  It is called affiliate marketing.  This is how blogs make money.  It is how we pay for the cost of the site (which includes hosting costs, domain registration, email services, giveaways, and a slew of other things) including paying Jill and I a small amount for our time which helps to feed our kids and stuff.  lol  It also helps us donate to local charities every year, which I just LOVE!

Amazon has made a business decision and has taken the small percentage that we were making from them away.

What this means for us and you…

We can no longer take the time that it takes to post Amazon deals on our site.  This site needs to make a little bit of money to make it worth all the time and effort we put into it.  We LOVE finding deals for you and we LOVE seeing you get amazing deals but if we can’t make at least a little bit of money doing it, we can’t justify the time away from our other responsibilities.

There is GOOD news…

It is still VERY important for us to give you the BEST deals out there.  Even if they aren’t making us much (if any) money.  So, we have hopefully come up with a solution.

We Will Still SHARE Amazon Deals…

We are going to still share Amazon deals, but they just won’t be on our site.  The time that it takes to post the deals is just too valuable.  However, we can quickly share deals with you in our FACEBOOK GROUP and on our FACEBOOK PAGE and on TWITTER.

**Edit:  For those of you who have asked….  They are still offering us a *tiny* percentage commission.  So when we share these deals on social media, please still click through and buy through our links.  THANKS!

We know this isn’t a perfect fit but the silver lining is, that you should see even MORE deals than before.  Only posting Amazon deals on social media will give us even MORE time to find you even MORE deals!  YAY!

Thank You!

Thank you for understanding this change.  It isn’t one that we are happy about.  But it is a necessity to keep Utah Sweet Savings around and to let us continue to grow and share the very BEST deals in Utah and on the web with you.

Please Join…

Make sure to join our FACEBOOK GROUP!  It is a new Public Group.  We will post ALL of our Amazon deals there as well as Time Sensitive deals that might not last long.  We also post all of our deals from the site there as well.

If you have any concerns or comments, please share.  We want to be completely open and honest on this site about how we do things and how things are run.  You are our friends.  We appreciate you and value you so much!



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