The BASICS Wallet Review! My Hubbies Favorite Wallet EVER! – $9.99 Today!

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My hubby, Jason, received a new Amazing wallet for Christmas and he is so excited about it, he wants to share it with everyone!  I told him that he should share it will all of you and to write a review.  So he did.

This is the BEST price I’ve ever seen on this The BASICS Wallet! It’s regularly $20, but right now you can get it for $14.99! Shipping is free, too!

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Here’s my husbands review of The BASICS Wallet.

It has been a long time.  Perhaps a lifetime. Or at least since high school when I got my first job and found the need to carry a driver’s licence and cash.  A lifetime of being unsatisfied with my current wallet.  I hate them.  Trifolds are too thick.  Billfolds are less bulky but too wide and my cards bend repeatedly until they break. And forget the man purse. I still dream about having one but the world’s not ready for them yet.

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For years I simply put up with it until my brother found a simple solution.  He started stacking his cards and using a rubber band.  Hair rubber bands worked the best and I used one for over a year.  I was relatively happy with it but it wasn’t perfect because my cards took a beating by being too exposed.  I finally broke down and bought another billfold which I still hated but put up with because really what option did I have?

Then it happened.  I was perusing the net looking for alternatives to a wallet and BAM!!!! There it was; the perfect solution to my problem.  The BASICS Wallet combines the simplicity of a rubber band but the sturdiness of a real wallet.  I love it and am encouraged by a number of things about its design.  

It’s simple and comfortable.  I rarely feel it because the single stack can fit in any pocket, if it’s uncomfortable while sitting in my back pocket, I can simply move it to a smaller pocket or a less annoying one.   

Basics sizeThe design is excellent.  It fully covers my cards and magnetic strips and keeps them from being worn out with the constant movement in a pair of jeans.

Basics wallet pull tabAlso with the pull tab I find it extremely easy to retrieve exactly what I need.  I like to keep my cards in a specific order with the least used in the middle and most used on the outsides, both front and back.  I don’t carry a lot of cash but the extra space for it is handy.  Simply put I love this BASICS Wallet!!

I will never go back and I think you should give it a shot, especially if you hate wallets as much as I do.

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Disclaimer:  We received a BASICS Wallet in exchange for our honest review.  Like always, all opinions are my own.


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