Behind on your coupon clipping?

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It’s bound to happen once in a while.

You get sick, the holidays come, a new baby is born . . . whatever it is – life happens, and sometimes we get behind on our coupon clipping.

There are times, I must admit, I get behind. Christmas time pretty much did it for me this year. But, just because I got behind, doesn’t mean I was about to pay full price when I went shopping. Heavens no!!! I gave up paying full price a long time ago and I shall never return! Thank goodness I have a back up plan!

Here’s what I do when my routine is thrown and I can’t get to cutting my coupons as quick as I would like:

  1. I pull the inserts out of the newspaper.
  2. I match up the identical coupon pages from each newspaper so that they are stacked on top of each other – ready to be cut out.
  3. I throw away any pages I know I won’t be using or any ad pages.
  4. I put the coupon pages from each insert together in a sheet protector.
  5. I put a label/sticker in the top corner of the sheet protector with the name and date of the coupon insert.
  6. I put the sheet protector in the front of my coupon binder.

Of course this is not the ideal way to organize coupons, since I really can’t see each specific coupon and they aren’t categorized by products. However, this way my coupons are organized in a way that I can quickly find the uncut coupons when I’m making my shopping list. And then as soon as life gets back to normal, I can quickly cut and put away my coupons as I normally do!



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