Odysseo Utah Discount Code!

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Odysseo Discount Code

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If you have been following along on our social media and on the site, you know how much we LOVED Odysseo! It was so so so amazing!

In fact, because we loved it so much, we asked if we could do one more giveaway to give our followers one last chance to win tickets. Hooray!

We are running a FLASH giveaway! This giveaway will run for 24 hours. It will end at 11 am (MST) on Friday morning.

The giveaway has now ended. However, you can still use the discount code.

Kelly - Winner

Congrats to Kelly R. Gubler! You won! I have messaged you on Facebook. Thanks to everyone who entered. We had over 450 entries in 24 hours!!

One lucky winner will win a pair (2 tickets) of Gold category tickets to Odysseo in Sandy Utah for the Saturday, May 21st show at 1:30pm. These tickets are only good for this time! The date and time are non changeable.

To enter, comment below on why you want to win. Then head on over to this Facebook Post – Make sure you follow our Facebook Page – and comment and share why you want to win there too. You will be given extra entries for you like, comment, and share. You will also be given extra entries for tagging friends.

Want more awesome deals on Utah Events? Join our Facebook Group!

Have you gotten your tickets for Cavalia Odysseo yet? This is an amazing event that I’m so excited to share with you. I will be attending next month and will be sharing pictures on Instagram and live streaming on Facebook. Make sure you are following me to check it out.

Many people have commented to me about the cost of this show. While it isn’t super inexpensive, I still think it is a GREAT deal for the kind of show that you are getting to see. The caliber of this show is World Class! It is as good if not better then the shows that you will see in Vegas. To see this kind of show, you would normally have to travel from Utah – as we do not have this kind of caliber of show here. You would have to pay travel costs, pay hotel costs, food, etc. Not to mention the price of the tickets, which would be the same price you are paying for this show that has paid the money to travel to us! So, yes, while the tickets aren’t crazy cheep. They are still an amazing deal in my opinion.

Discount Code 1

I know people have really wanted to see this show put the price is still hard to swallow. So I was able to score us a discount code!! That’s right! You can get a 10% Discount on Evening Shows by clicking through THIS LINK and using the code SOCIALUT.

* This promotion cannot be combined with any other offer and applies only to new purchases. Not valid on matinee shows. Certain conditions apply. Limited quantity.




  • I would love to win the tickets and have a couple of hours with no children. Just my husband and myself. (Sigh…..)

  • I went to in these tickets because i’m not going to Vegas this summer so I need to see a Vegas style show here!

  • My grandmother always told me when you see a White horse to spit in your hand and it would bring you good luck. I’ve always been in love with white horses. She has passed on, but to this day, whenever I see a white horse I spit in my hand. I would love to see this show and hope that I receive some good luck!

  • My daughter is autistic and loves horses. She gets soooo excited every time we drive past the big white tent in the parking lot. She would really love to see this show.

  • Ive actually been and thought it was outstanding in every way! I’d love to win for my husband and daughter to go experience the magic! Absolutely stunning from start to finish.

  • I would love to win and take my daughter. She broke her wrist last Friday and could use some cheering up!

  • My husband and I are celebrating our 16th anniversary tomorrow and are staying in SLC for the weekend! It would be so ,UHC fun to do this on Saturday!

  • I drive past the big whit tent every day. I would to see the show. My hubby and myself could never afford to go.

  • taking my best friend/cousin would be the best way to pay her back for giving me the most amazing gift. She has devoted her life to horses and deserves this more than anyone i know.

  • I’ve really been wanting to go to this show but it’s either pay for tickets to see it or pay for my daughter’s (organ transplant) medical bills. ? I would love to win these tickets and be able to go! It would be amazing!!!

  • I would love to see this show. I would take my daughter, she loves horses, and I think she would love it as well.

  • I would like to win because it looks amazing! I haven’t been to the show but I watched your live streaming of you attending the show on facebook and it made me want to go see it even more!

  • Please. PLEASE. I am deaperate to make it to this show, but we just don’t have the funds for it. My husband just passed his Master’s thesis and we’re about to celebrate our 5th anniversary! This would be such a fun way to celebrate! I’ve worked with horses since I was a kid, but have never seen them do the spectacular things they do in this show!

  • This weekend, we are celebrating our 16th anniversary. It would be amazing to see this show with my husband.Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Because I really need a date night with my husband and this would be so much more fun than dinner and a movie.

  • I just moved here from Arizona and I’m constantly hearing how amazing it is. If I won if take my oldest daughter who will be turning 6 here pretty soon. I love moments where I can enjoy our time together just the two of us.

  • To go with my daughter, would be a dream come true!! Good luck to everyone. I know we all have a story why we would love to go!

  • Oh I would so love to win! We live in sandy so my daughter has been talking about the big tent for MONTHS! Even since before we knew what it was for. I would love to be able to take her. She would be in heaven!

  • I would like to win because it would be wonderful to have something else to remind me that there are still good things in the world. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Please please please please we would love to get tickets to this me and my husband haven’t been able to have a date night for years this would be so great, thanks for the opportunity

  • I’ve heard amazing things about this show. I would love to go with my husband before he heads out of town for the next week.

  • I have heard this show is awesome but can’t afford to go. I would love to win and be able to see these amazing horses!

  • My birthday is next Saturday, and since money is tight, we won’t be able to really do anything to celebrate. This would make an AMAZING early birthday present!

  • I would love to take my husband to this show for his birthday that’s on Sunday. Thanks for the chance!!

  • Would love to win so I could treat my in laws! They have been a huge support not just to my family but to all their kids and grandkids here and more than deserve an afternoon out to relax and enjoy the show!

  • I have a niece who is obsessed with horses! She also happens to be turning 16 this month. It would be such a fun birthday surprise to take her.

  • My niece has been dying to see this since she first saw thewhite tent going up! I would love to take her!!! (Or let her mom take her!)

  • I would love to win these tickets to go Saturday because it is my 22nd wedding anniversary! We haven’t had time to plan anything while getting ready for my son’s graduation next week and this would be awesome!!! Thanks for the chance!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • would love to go to this with my mom she loves horses and hasnt been to get out due to heart surgery and health complications. She feels better now and I would love to share this experience with her:)

  • My daughter and I love horses and have been wanting to see this show. It would be so awesome to win tickets and to get to take her. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • I’ve been working in Provo all month leaving Thursday nights and getting home late Monday nights. While my husband has held down the fort and kept this family going. What an awesome way to tell him thank you .. if I can remember what he looks like. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • I feel like life is too short to miss out on making memories with my husband, but when things are so expensive, we have to pass on certain things. I would love to have this memory stored away to look back on for years to come.

  • I’d love to take our daughter who adores horses! She is turning 12 in 15 days and would be thrilled to go see this amazing show!

  • My husband has not seen his daughter since she was 1. She found us about a month ago. She is turning 21 the end of this month and it would be a wonderful present for her

  • Hubby and I are in desperate need of a date. We’ve thrown two birthday parties, an adoption party, and adopted our little boy is the last 45 days.

  • I would love to share this experience with my horse lovin’ hubby–we are hoping and dreaming of buying a horse some day, but are still in the throws of braces and piano lesson fees etc! This would be dreamy–thanks for the opportunity!

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