Cedar Raised Garden Bed 48” x 48” $34.88 (Reg. $44.97)

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cedar raised gardenAre you looking for a Raised Garden Bed for your home?  Right now Home Depot has this nice one on sale!

Cedar Raised Garden Bed 48” x 48” for only $34.88 (Reg. $44.97)

  • Greenes Cedar Raised Garden Kits provide the 7 in. of depth required to grow thriving vegetables, for plants that need additional depth, increase your garden height to 14 or 21 in. by stacking two or more of these 4 x 4 kits, or see the other Greenes Fence Dovetail Cedar Raised Garden Beds configurations on this site
  • No tools are required to assemble the frame, a Phillips screwdriver is required to attach the decorative top
  • Assembly is simple: Slide the first and second post over each end of the first board, and then slide the second board on top of the first one to build one 7-inch-tall side, connect the rest of the frame in minutes
  • Each corner post is routed on all 4 sides, for easy assembly and kit expansion, and each board slides easily into the grooves for a snug fit
  • The resulting frame is solid and strong enough to easily support the garden when filled with soil
  • The open-bottom garden frame may be placed on virtually any level surface, although a bottom isn’t always needed, to create one where desired, simply line the garden bed with landscape fabric or a weed barrier of your choice (sold separately)
  • This kit is made in the United States from naturally insect- and rot-resistant cedar, the wood is untreated, and chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process
  • This garden kit will weather nicely over time, to keep the wood looking new, apply a stain or sealer of your choice (sold separately)
  • Get added depth by stacking multiple 4 x 4 Greenes Dovetail kits, assemble the first kit, leaving off the decorative tops, without the tops, you will have a quarter-inch gap between the top board and the top of the post, slide a board from the second kit to fill this space and then build the rest of the kit as you did the first, with the corner posts from the second kit sitting on top of those from the first, the kits will be stacked and solidly attached. After connecting your final kit, add the decorative tops to the top kit
  • Expand your gardening space by connecting multiple 4 x 4 Greenes Dovetail kits, the routed corner posts make connecting in any direction a breeze, simply construct one kit as directed, and then begin another by building off of one side and two posts from the original kit, when connecting the raised beds this way, 4 kits will contain enough boards, tops, and posts to create 5 4 x 4 beds—you get 80 square feet, or 4 ft. x 20 ft., of garden space when connecting 4 kits
  • Each 4 x 4 Greenes Dovetail kit holds approximately 8 to 10 cu. ft. of soil
  • Package contents: 8 boards, 4 corner posts, 4 decorative tops, 4 decorative screws, assembly instructions

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