Cirque du Soleil OVO is PHENOMENAL! A Must See!

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I had the opportunity to see Cirque du Soleil OVO yesterday at the Maverik Center, and it was seriously phenomenal! I wasn’t sure what to expect going in to the show, but I was SO impressed by the talent I saw last night. I’ve been asked if it’s a kid friendly show. It is a story about falling in love (insects falling in love, to be exact) and there are a few funny innuendos, but I was comfortable with my daughters watching with me. The cultural experience they received far outweighed any concern I had. To save on tickets you can check into this Cirque du Soleil – OVO – Family Four Pack Offer.

OVO will be here in Utah February 22-26, 2017 at the Maverik Center, and it’s something you really won’t want to miss. Just take a look at some of these shots of the performance.

This is a great shot to show the amazing costumes, makeup, and performance by several main cast members. 

Yes, this guy is on a unicycle on a slack wire, pedaling with his hands. And no, he didn’t fall!

I don’t know what insect this was supposed to resemble. Perhaps a caterpillar? Either way, it was SO STRANGE that I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! There is someone inside doing acrobatics, and the way this thing moves is just weird! It was one of my favorite acts.

These “scarabs” flipped and flew through the air and left me on the edge of my seat. I was so nervous they’d miss a catch!

This was also one of my favorite acts! Those green “crickets” would jump on trampolines and land back on the rock climbing wall. And that red spider in the middle was AMAZING. She’d crawl around on that wall upside down, sideways, every which way and looked just like a spooky spider. I loved it!

The use of props was also very cool These “ants” juggled corn and kiwis.

By far the most beautiful silk acts I’ve ever seen. Stunning!

The strength and precision of these “butterflies” was astounding. Just check that out. I mean, he’s holding her by the foot with one hand, holding a strap with the other, and they both look so elegant and graceful!

This spider was incredibly flexible, bending and twisting with ease.

Another one of my favorites! Resembling fireflies, this was a mixture of yoyo-ing and juggling and I am baffled that his hand eye coordination was so completely amazing. Those “fireflies” went HIGH in the air. The music that went with this act really helped get the crowd and performers into it, too.


This act was a trio of bouncing, tumbling fleas! They really played it up for the crowd, especially throwing the girl back and forth between the two guys!

It was just an extraordinary show, of the type you don’t often get to see in Utah. Don’t pass up this opportunity for an amazing experience full of athleticism, acrobatics, quirky characters, and even live music. I promise you won’t regret seeing this show!

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