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This is my cute little witch – sweet as candy of course.  In the past when I’ve bought Halloween costumes for my girls I have usually been disappointed with the quality – granted I grab everything off the shelf the day after Halloween and let my kids – well – pretty much destroy them – and I always buy them from Walmart or the local grocery stores and just figure that since I am getting them for only a few dollars, it is worth it – so when this opportunity came along to review a cute Halloween costume, I took it seriously to see just how much better they really are when you pay (Gulp) more than $10….

When I took the costume out of the box my first impression was, “Oh my gosh – this is nice!” – it came in an individual zipped hanging cover that was nice quality – so it would be easy to store and KEEP nice for a while if I didn’t let my girls use it for everyday use.

The next thing I checked was the seams – this particular costume has hoops in it, which makes it super cute, but I could see it getting caught and tearing the seams at the waist line.  The waist in particular appears very well sewn and goes through multiple layers of fabric for a nice sturdy connection from the bodice to the skirt.  The hoops that are sewn onto the netting are tripled in thickness at the seam and the netting is made out of a nylon fabric that does not tear easily (from trips and steps on the dress).  I especially liked the thickness of the black crushed velvet used on top and don’t anticipate any tears from regular play.

All 3 of my girls were in LOVE with the outfit and have practiced twirling for hours in it.  To really put it to the test I brought the dress with me on vacation to my in-laws and allowed my 3 daughters and my 3 nieces to wear it as much as they wanted.  The picture above is taken AFTER 6 girls have taken the dress off and on every few hours for several days, playing both indoors and outdoors – and it still is in fantastic condition.  I seriously, seriously can tell it is better quality than the items I have previously purchased at grocery stores and Walmart (I believe I’ve bought a few at Target as well???)

Now the SIZING that was listed on the website I would say runs a bit SMALL.  I ordered a size Medium, which was intended to fit a size 8-10.  In the picture on the website, the dress shows going down to what I would imagine is supposed to be floor length – so the size Medium was for my 8 yr old daughter who is a little tall and wears an 8-10 in most other clothes.  The dress definitely fit her, but came only a few inches below her knees.  My 6 year old daughter fit the dress perfectly and it came just about 2 inches above her ankles so there is not much worry about tripping.  My 4 year old had it just touching the floor.  (Keep in mind ALL of my girls are just a little tall and generally wear up one size from their age).  You do get FREE shipping both ways in the event that you need to exchange your costume for a different size.

One thing I was happy to notice, is that Costume Supercenter DOES have costumes priced around $10 in the clearance section, so you can still get a super cute costume at a good price.  Items ordered will arrive in about 1 week for the cheapest shipping option.  As always, if you can order several items at once it helps make the shipping worth it.  You can see the shipping costs below.  You may want to follow Costume Supercenter on Facebook to watch for sales, shipping deals or new costume releases.

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