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Dream Dinners LogoWho has signed up for the FABULOUS Dream Dinners Deal that I scored you?

If you missed my first post about my Summer Dream Dinners Experiment, you NEED to check it out!  You can read all about it Right HERE!

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Dream Dinners SalmonAre you as over scheduled as I am? Are you tired of running around wondering what’s for dinner?  MAN!  That’s question! And it seems even worse in the summer.

I have to tell you guys, Dream Dinners has been heaven sent! Seriously.  I hate to sound over dramatic, but truthfully, I have taken back dinner!  Not only is dinner time a much happier, easier, and healthier time of the day, Dream Dinners has also made shopping easier too!

If you follow me on instagram you might have seen this.

My shopping trips have been beautiful and easy.  I simply purchase my fruits, veggies, lunch items, and a few extras.  It’s so easy.  Plus it’s healthy.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me exactly what it entails to create a meal at Dream Dinners.  So the last time I was there I decided to take a few pictures so I could walk you through it.

It’s SO easy!  It’s almost criminal!

Before you show up to your appointment, you have already selected your dinners from their Amazing menu.  This last time I selected 12 dinners.  I was afraid that it might take me a while, but it look me less than the hour that was set aside.  I had only been once before but it doesn’t take long to learn!

Dream Dinners July Menu

When you get to the store they have little cards already printed with exactly what meals you will be creating.  After washing your hands and putting on your apron, you are ready to begin!

Dream DinnersEverything is laid out so easy for you!  You can just quickly add all your items by following the recipe.  They even have the right measurement spoon in the correct ingredient.  It’s almost impossible to make a mistake.

I was so much more confident this time around.  I was zesting the limes with the best of them!

This time around there were quite a few men who were there fixing their meals for the month.  I loved that! What a perfect way for a husband to get involved in cooking.  This would also be an amazing option for a single dad!!

dream dinner bagOnce your dinner is complete it looks like this.  Everything is all in one bag with the instructions on how to cook it right in the bag on this printed card, so you don’t forget or mess it up at home!

Then all your meals go in the freezer.  They even have a spot all set aside with your name on it.

Dream Dinner FreezerOnce done, they load all your meals into your cooler or cooler bag and away you go.  Done and Done!

But here’s the BEST PART!  A day or two later your hubby asks you what is for dinner, you quickly have an answer and it is made and on the table in 20 min!  Plus it tastes AMAZING!!  Boom!  Win!

You can experience this moment too!  Just head on over to Dream Dinners to sign up for the Killer deal that I’ve gotten for you guys!  This is a special deal they are running to go with this post, so don’t wait to sign up!

Dream Dinners

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**This is a sponsored post by Dream Dinners.  Like always, all opinions are my own.





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