EcoCarpet! 35% off Any Cleaning! My Utah Carpet Cleaning Recommendation.

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EcoCarpet discount

We get asked all the time who we recommend for services in Utah.  We have had the opportunity to work with many companies and we now have some of our favorites in the valley.

My personal favorite Utah carpet cleaning company has to be EcoCarpet.  They are my go to every time I need my carpets clean.EcoCarpet Cleaning

As many of you know, last year we moved into a new (to us) home.  The home was about 9 years old and I’m pretty sure the carpets had never been cleaned.  There were some serious stains and traffic patterns.I had hoped to get the carpets cleaned before we moved in, but the timing didn’t work, and we had to move in without having them cleaned.  On a side note, if you are moving, I would ALWAYS recommend getting the carpets cleaned before moving in.  All of your furniture is already out of the rooms and EcoCarpet can get all that gunk and muck out before you ever move your stuff in.EcoCarpet VAn 2

A year later, I still hadn’t set aside time to get the carpets clean.  Do you ever do that?  Put off something you really want because it seems like such a hassle?  Well, I do.  I finally got my act together and called EcoCarpet.  I’ve been a fan of EcoCarpet for years and years.  I’ve had them clean my carpets in my last house twice and they did a fantastic job both times.  Here’s a picture from one of those cleanings.  You can read about them and see more pictures Here and Here.

EcoFresh Before and After

As you can see they do an amazing job!  One of the things I love about EcoCarpet is how nice and friendly they are.  They always come on time (huge deal) and they are always so kind and caring to my home.  This means even more to me now that we are in our “forever home.”

EcoCarpet Protecting my home

I know not everyone takes all of their furniture out of their rooms when they get their carpets cleaned.  It is a lot of work.  But I’ve found that the more I can get out, the bigger bang of my buck I get.  I like to have all of my carpets cleaned (or at least as much as possible).

Cleaning the rooms up

In these two rooms I took everything out.  These are my girl’s rooms and this is a great way to de-junk too.  Plus, these rooms had also been kid rooms with the previous owners and one was a babies room.  There always has been a strange little smell in that room.  So EcoCarpet spent extra time and put some extra care into making sure that room was completely disinfected and cleaned.

living room

In the rooms I wasn’t able to remove all the furniture they took extra care to move them around and clean everywhere.  It was hard not to get a blurry picture.  These guys worked fast!

monster stain

There were some really big Monster Stains in our main living area.  This one was one of the worst.  It had red undertones (no idea what had happened there) plus it was a huge traffic pattern for the previous owners.  The guys really worked this area and, you know what, they got it!!  Dead!  I was shocked and thrilled!!

so clean

I can not recommend EcoCarpet enough.  If you are ready to put your home first and get your house in order.  Please call them.  You won’t be disappointed.

Discount Code 1

In fact, EcoCarpet has decided to help you take the plunge.  They are offering an exclusive discount to our readers.  Just use the code sweetsavings to get 35% off Any Cleaning! Or you can just call 801.855.5696 and tell them that Utah Sweet Savings sent you and they will give you the discount.  How awesome is that?!!

Not only are they amazing, you guys, they really are a great deal too.  You know me, I expect quality and a great deal.  With EcoCarpet you get both!!

Make sure to follow them on their social media and remember to tell them Utah Sweet Savings sent you.

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