Free Nail Polish With New Savemore Account! Great Deal for Existing Accounts!

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I used to love to paint my nails, but now that I’m a mom I don’t have much time for it. With all my mommy chores  it gets chipped in a second anyway. However, there is no shortage of nail polish in this house! I have four daughters that will spend  hours and hours painting their nails. Seriously! I’ll walk in the room and leave a few brain cells short due to the paint polish fumes! My girls have tons of polish but for some reason they can never have enough! Every year it’s on the Christmas list and sure enough Santa brings it :0)

This deal from Savemore will help if you have a shortage of nail polish in your home. You can buy one bottle of Fabulous Nails polish for $7.50 ($15.00 value) or buy 3 bottles for $17.00 ($45.00 value) plus shipping is free! If you don’t have a Savemore account already when you sign up you will get a $10.00 credit on your account. You can use the credit towards this purchase and get one bottle free with credit left over for future purchases. Or you can get the 3 bottles for $7.00!! That’s a really sweet deal! There are lots of unique colors to choose from and other accessories available!






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