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 Are you a busy mom, a rushed student or someone who is recovering from injury, surgery or illness?  In all 3 cases, you definitely need to explore Classical Stretch because you will greatly benefit! 

Classical Stretch is a unique approach to physical fitness and over-all body wellness. This innovative training technique targets the muscles and joints from many different angles and planes of motion.

Classical Stretch combines profound stretch of the muscles and at the same time forces the core muscles to contract eccentrically. This unique technique creates conditions for the strengthening of the muscles without muscular hypertrophy, helping participants to achieve the slenderized muscle. It also creates conditions for body fat loss in targeted areas. A stronger, better-balanced and more fl exible body encourages an individual to use his/her newly possessed recourses by engaging in more active everyday life leading to overall body weight loss and better health.
–Dr. Andre Kulesza PhD Physical
Education, Sport Science, Biomechanics

Miranda Esmonde-White, the creator of Classical Stretch, has spent most of her life dancing and sharing the artistry of dance with others.  A former ballerina, Miranda has used her understanding of movement to create a stretch and strengthening fitness program, which targets the needs of everyone from women and men of all ages to elite athletes.

Classical Stretch is an exercise system that is transformational for women 25 and older.  It fuses its unique movements with elements of Tai Chi, Yoga and Ballet.  The founder, Miranda Esmonde-White is a lifetime dancer and ballerina.  Her exercise system evolved in her studio as she studied her own movements and those of her students.  She became known for healing musculoskeletal issues such as back pain and leg problems and for toning,lengthening and slenderizing her students’ bodies.

Filmed in Jamaica, currently in its 8th Season on PBS and in filming for Season 9, Classical Stretch and Miranda Esmond-White is a Canadian success story and crosses over into the US and beyond!  She has many testimonials and many disciples of her method.


Rushed Students:  This is a full-body workout that will produce results in just 28 minutes per day.  If you don’t have time to do anything else, you should stretch to keep the muscle tone and flexibility that only too soon (starting at age 25) you will start  to lose.  Yes, if we don’t use and stretch all 600 of the muscles in the body, they will start to atrophy that early! 

Busy Moms:  In just 28 minutes per day, you will start to notice your body lengthening, thinning, and getting stronger.  Your energy will increase and you will be motivated to continue!  Try the Classical Stretch 30-day Boot Camp, doing one or two episodes everyday for 30 days, and watch your pant size go down!
Recovering Patient: A bonus of this program is that it is  rehabilitative in nature for those who are suffering with multiple ailments such as back injury, leg pain, surgery, scoliosis and more.  
It’s hard to imagine that something that takes such little time can produce such great results.  But try it,and be surprised at how thoroughly worked-out and energized you feel at the end of the workout!  Of course, like anything worth achieving, it takes practice and perseverance. Good thing it is an enjoyable thing to do!  Here are a couple of the many testimonials found on the Classical Stretch Website!
“I started doing Classical Stretch on PBS last September when my son started school. I have been doing it
3-4 times per week for 10 months and look and feel better. I was not overweight
before but needed to tone. I have lost 5 pounds and several inches from my
waist and legs. I can wear a size 4-6. All of my clothes are too big.

“I am 40 years old, have had a baby and can wear
 clothes I wore when I was in my 20’s. I might even wear a bikini this year. I also used to have alot of back pain and tightness. I now rarely have back problems and when I do I can cure myself with Classical Stretch. Thank you so much.”
And here is an example of Miranda, guiding you through a workout. She is very knowledgeable about human anatomy and shares helpful tips throughout the workouts to educate as to why you are doing the particular stretches.  

Classical Stretch 2009 TV Series from Esmonde-White House on Video.

Someone will win the 2 dvd set of Season 8 of Classical Stretch with Miranda Esmonde-White, a value of $64.95 + shipping! This Giveaway is open to US and Canada!

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