Perfect Gift Idea: The Gift of Time! Glover Cleaning Review & Discount

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This year I wanted more time for Christmas.  Don’t we all?  I love this time of year, but lets be honest.  It is CRAZY too.  It seems like I can never get caught up.  Family Events, Work, Kid’s School Plays, Shopping, Friend Parties, More Shopping, the list goes on and on.  And with all of this, the one thing in my life that really suffers is my home.

TimeI really like to keep a nice and tidy house.  I firmly believe that a clean home is a happy home.  I was raised that way.  And while I know a clean home doesn’t guarantee a happy home, I really believe that it helps.  I know it makes me happier and when Mom is happy the rest of the house is happier.  That is a fact.  I have also noticed that my girls are kinder to each other and happier in a cleaner home.

So, as you can imagine with our crazy holiday schedules and the resulting mess that has become my house, I was in need of a serious intervention.  Now I’m going to be perfectly honest with you.  I am a bit of a control freak. (how do you say that without it sounding so harsh) But it is true.  I like my ducks in a row.  I like things a certain way.  And the idea of having someone else come in and clean my home is a little unnerving for me.  Plus, there is a cost involved.  And really, it is something I should be able to do myself.  Does it mean I am lazy if I have someone else clean my home?  Does it mean I’m a bad wife/homemaker?  These are some of the thoughts I had when Glover Cleaning contacted me about coming to clean my home.  But I have been so overwhelmed, I said yes.

But to be totally honest, I had my concerns.

You see, years ago, I had hired someone to clean my house.  It was for Valentines Day.  It was a gift.  And it was a SUPER SWEET gift from my hubby.  But they did a horrible job.  When they left I felt like it had been such a waste of our money.  So I was nervous that the same thing would happen this time.

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I WAS SO WRONG!!!  Let me just say that GLOVER CLEANING BLEW ME AWAY!!!  I have never been so impressed with a company!  I purposely took note of some strange messes in my home.  A small spill on the wall in a strange corner in my kitchen, a spill in the cupboard where our garbage can goes, some spots on my bathroom ceiling, the window seals in my bedrooms, and more!  These are all those little things that my crazy OCD eye sees but most people would never see.  They got THEM ALL!!!  You guys!  I am serious!  These amazing women showed up to my home and were the nicest people you will ever meet.  They truly love their job and it shows.

Three lovely ladies were at my house for 2 hours and what they did I could NEVER do in 6 hours.  Even if I was home alone uninterrupted.  They have a real talent.  They are so good at what they do.

Now in full disclosure, Glover Cleaning gave me a free cleaning for my review.  BUT, I want to tell you that I have hired them on for a once a month cleaning.  This will probably surprise many of you.  As you know, my husband is a teacher and we have limited funds.  But I work really hard to save money in every aspect of my lives.  I do it so that I can enjoy my life with my kiddos and I can do fun things with them.  And I am using some of the money that I save by shopping with coupons and shopping online deals to have my home cleaned.  It is the gift of time to myself.  And Glover cleaning has amazing prices.  I was shocked!  I thought it would be so much more than it is.  And while I can’t tell you how much they charge (because everyone’s home is different – depending on the size of your home, number of bathrooms, bedrooms, ect). I will tell you it is TOTALLY REASONABLE AND WORTH EVERY PENNY!

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Glover Cleaning is offering an amazing deal to our readers!  They are offering 50% off your first cleaning when you sign up for recurring services.  Just mention Utah Sweet Savings when you call.

I also want to let you know about the rest of the services they offer.

Glover Maintenance Provides

  • Plumbing
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • House Cleaning
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Commercial Snow Removal

If these services are anything like their cleaning they will be amazing.  Make sure to check them out at

Information on all their services can be found on the Glover Maintenance website, or by calling (801) 679-4266.

Connect with Glover Maintenance:

I was provided with a one-time complimentary house cleaning service to review Glover Maintenance. I was not compensated financially for my review, nor was I required or persuaded to write any specific type of review. The opinions and views expressed in this review are all my own.



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