Group Buy for Long Term Food Storage (as low as $.24/serving!!!)

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I am so so SO excited about this deal!!!  We’ve teamed up with my sister (The Savvy Sister) and will be running this until April 20th or until we reach our amount needed to get this huge discounted deal.  For anyone that knows me personally – Food Storage is something that I really try to keep on hand for my family.  We’ve lived in so many places where there are different possible disasters (floods, snow, earthquakes) and since I don’t like to spend my time worried about it – I try to invest a small amount of time and money each month to be ready to keep my kids tummies full (okay, okay… I don’t want to be hungry either!).  And I can tell you … THIS is a deal worth getting.

Getting GOOD QUALITY food items – packaged to take up minimal room and last for a long time can cost a LOT of $$.  That is exactly what makes me so excited for this deal offered by DFW Food Storage (DFW stands for Dallas/Fort Worth – where the company is based).  We can get such a good price because of the group buying power (like Bountiful Baskets or Zaycon Foods).

*Highest of High Quality Food Items
*Packaged into family friendly sized serving bags, then flushed with Nitrogen Gas & Oxygen packets sealed into a 5 gallon pail
*Shelf life of 25 years!!! in the bucket and 2 years after opening
*Priced (okay, honestly, I’m starting to jump up and down!!!) at a killer $.24 to $.78/serving! This price includes the shipping.

So what kind of food is it?  Because YES I want to be able to eat AND enjoy it.  These are RICE dishes, BEANS or LENTIL and VEGETABLE SOUPS and more – with meat added in some cases.

If you’ve shopped for items like this before you can tell what an amazing deal this is.  To compare – many companies charge around $2 per serving.  If you compare to Costco – their price is $140 for one person for one month.  Going through independent retailers you will generally expect to pay 2-3 times this price, and that doesn’t even include the shipping for a heavy product.  Here is a list of all the items available and the prices broken down by serving and total / bucket cost.  Remember these prices include the shipping cost since we are doing a bulk order.

This is a group order so it will be delivered in the Lehi area of Utah near Roller Mills area at a central location (details to come).  If you are not able to pick up your order there – you can still get in on this awesome product by having it shipped directly to you for an additional $10 / bucket (which is still a pretty amazing deal considering all that is packed into one bucket!)

Order Form (Print this form to place your order – does not contain item details.)
Product List (List of all buckets available and # of food packets in them, $/serving.)

Okay, okay, I know I’ve said it, but really having a long lasting easy to use food that you can store can be a life and stress saver if you ever needed it.  My sister lived in TX for a while and during huge storms would see store shelves with literally a few gallons of milk and a couple dozen eggs left on the shelves.  Last winter we lived in Erie PA and were lucky enough to experience a “mild” winter.  Locals warned us to keep our fridge stocked when the ice storms came in case trucks could not make it to the grocery stores.  5 or 6 days of that and I know we would have been happy to have just add water food.  My little brother was in Chile a few years ago when the earthquake hit and said that those who were safest were those who had a supply of food and water to stay inside and hunker down for a week or two until some sense of order came back to the city – you get the idea.  You never know what you’re in for and even one bucket could relieve your family of stress and hunger in a natural disaster.

Please feel free to share this deal with your neighbors, friends and family so we can quickly reach our 100 bucket minimum.  We can have our order shipped as soon as we do!

Order Form (Print this form to place your order – does not contain item details.)
Product List (List of all buckets available and # of food packets in them, $/serving.)

How to Order:

Print your Order Form and fill it out.  Make check payable to ‘DWF Food Storage’ and mail both the form and check to my sister (The Savvy Sister) at:

Heather Ryan
8313 Kennekuk Lane
Eagle Mountain UT, 84005





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