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It’s Firework time here in Utah!  We only have a small window when we can do fireworks here in the state of Utah, so we like to make the most of it when we can!

For the last few years we’ve been able to do aerial fireworks and it has really changed the landscape of Fireworks in the state.

If you live in Utah County, you need to check out the latest firework company to hit the area.  Provo Fireworks!

Provo Fireworks is an Online Firework company that hand delivers your Fireworks (you can also pick them up).  You order them online so you know exactly what you are getting and how much you are going to spend – I LOVE that!

high stepper

Why buy online from Provo Fireworks?

1. Many people feel that tents are (a) too expensive, and (b) you have no clue what you are buying.  Provo Fireworks provides videos for most oftheir products – especially the pricier items like the Aerial fireworks.  Because you can see what you are going to get, you can have much more faith in making your purchase.

2. Convenience.  No lines, no hot sun, no parking on the side of the road and dodging traffic, and no tent salesmen.

3.  Custom packages that are designed specifically for different groups.  Families with young kids, tweens or teens as well as “Buddy” packages that are more intended for younger friends who really want to see some explosions.

4. Service!  The owner is ALL about service.  Here’s his own words:  “When you buy from me, I am not going anywhere.  I give you my email address, my phone number and my actual home address.  I stand behind my product.  I won’t be gone on July 5th like all the tents will be.  You will be able to contact me, and I will respond.”

Provo Fireworks is a Family Business!

The prices are LOW!  Why? Because he doesn’t have overhead. He and his wife are the only employees and they want to make you happy. The prices are even lower than you would find in Evanston, WY.  Nice!

shot saturn

100 Shot Saturn Missile
ProvoFireworks.com – 7.50
Evanston – 12.99 –

Parachute Battalion
ProvoFireworks.com – 18.50
Evanston – 34.99

ProvoFireworks.com – 4.00 (10 packs of 6 sparklers)
Evanston – 7.99 (6 packs of 6 sparklers)

I’m super excited about this new business and I really want to see him do well.  If you live near Utah County, you should definitely check this out when purchasing your fireworks this season!

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