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The other day I was at the Saratoga Springs Smiths, and just like I do every time I’m there – I stopped at the self check out main stand and asked them if they had any beer rebates. They had one available, but it was a really good one! Here’s what it was for:

Save $10 after Mail-In Rebate off the purchase of $50 or more in Gift Cards. Purchase must occur between 11/1/11 -1/8/12. Compliments of Coors. No beer purchase required.

That in and of itself is a great way save on a gift card purchase – whether the gift card is for a gift or if it is just for you to purchase groceries! (Watch for this beer rebate and others just like it at your local grocery store or gas station. You can often find them on the beer aisle, beer displays, or ask at customer service.)

But, do the savings end there? Nope! I got to thinking that this beer rebate would be a great deal to stack on top of other gift card deals going on.. Here are some of the gift card deals going on right now:

1. Check out PlasticJunglewhere you can get gift cards at discounted rates. They carry gift cards for places like Applebees, Chilis, Gap, Home Depot, Jiffy Lube, Office Depot, Pet Smart . . . . the list goes on and on.

2. Also, another great place to get discounted gift cards is Gift

3. Purchase your gift cards at Smith’s Food and Drug and earn one reward point for every dollar amount you spend (excluding Smith’s Gift Cards, Green Dot cards, MoneyPaks and 1-2-3 REWARDS Visa prepaid Debit Card and ReCharge Card). Then use the points to receive discounts on gas or groceries.

4. For every $25 Cafe Zupas Gift Card you purchase, you’ll receive an additional $5 Gift Card.

4. Save 10% when you buy $100 or more in Chili’s Gift Cards.

5. Buy a $25 IHOP Gift Card and get $5 off your next visit.

6. Buy $100 of Outback Steakhouse Gift Cards and get a $20 Bonus Card.

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  • I always buy gift cards at Smiths. I am going to have to ask about the beer rebate! I buy Amazon gift cards at Smiths. Then not only do I get Amazing prices at Amazon and I don’t have to pay tax, but I get double points at Smiths. I am able to get money off of my gas! Win-Win!

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