Jill’s Running Adventures – Week 1

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Hi, I’m Jill and I’m addicted to running. I never thought I’d utter those words 15 years ago!  I was a dancer in high school, and disliked running. Now I average over 30 miles a week, and should easily be able to achieve my New Years Resolution to run 1,000 miles this year.

I want to share my running story with you, since it will often affect my weekend postings. Like this week I’m running Cache-Teton Epic Relay, a 200+ mile relay race all the way from Smithfield, Utah, to Teton Village in Jackson, Wyoming! I ran this last year, and this year I’m the captain of a 12-person, all-woman team.

This will be my last post till Monday, as tonight we have a team meeting/pasta dinner, and then it’s early to bed. Tomorrow morning we’ll be up super early to get checked in and start running by 6 am, and I won’t return home from Jackson till late Saturday night. I’ll likely sleep all day Sunday.

So why do I run? One day a few years ago before I was a runner, I was waiting for my brother to cross the finish line of his first 1/2 marathon in Sun Valley, Idaho. The lady who won it was so physically fit (keep in mind, this is where some Olympians spend their time), and when I saw her strong finish in her sports bra and tiny little shorts, I thought to myself, “Oh! You have to RUN to look like that?! Well, I can run!”

My brother and I ran Epic Relay last year together.

My reasons for running also has to do with my brother’s reason for running. He was experiencing symptoms related to multiple sclerosis several years ago. Although he tested negative for MS, his doctor advised him to eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet and begin exercising. He chose running and started training for a 1/2 marathon. He has now been diagnosed with MS, and continues to run. Last week he placed 2nd, edged out by a teenager in a local 5k we ran in together.

So I started running because: A) I wanted to look like First Place Lady, and B) if my brother and so many others can run with different illnesses and diseases, then I can too, and C), I want to run for all those who physically are unable to do so.

When you wake up snug in your bed tomorrow morning, think of me signing in my team at Skyview High School in Smithfield, decked out in head lamp and reflective gear. And think of me again a couple hours later as I’m running from Cornish to Lewiston. Maybe you’ll want to find out why so many people think it’s fun to run, and lace up your own shoes to give it a try. I hope to run with you soon!



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